Yesterday Grace crossed over into the “double-digits.”She turned ten.

It didn’t really astound me that she went ahead and did it, because in my mind it seems like she’s been ten for a long time. She just “gets” life. And she’s pretty mature about it (most of the time).

Boy we love this girl.

We had a wing-dinger of a celebration the last couple days in honor of the big day.

It all began with the big cake-bake. We really like to make cakes around here. This year she chose a tie-dye cake.
Her little sister and friend were big helpers.We frosted it all white so the colors would be a surprise at the party the next day.

It was an “on” year for a birthday party for her so the lucky girl got to have her beloved birthday party at the place where she takes gymnastics.
She’s headed to the Olympics for sure ๐Ÿ™‚
The foam pit was a hit.

She REALLY wanted that wish to come true.We cut into the cake and everyone oooo’ed and ahhhhhh’ed about the tie-dye inside.
Oh wait, maybe that was just me and Grace.

We were pretty excited about it though. Let’s take a better look:
There we go.

The next day (Sunday) was the real day.
We had bright green (food-colored) chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast and opened presents.Dave had the idea to take this picture of her:
…and then show it to her to surprise her about what was behind her…her new bike (very badly needed).

I wish I had had the video camera on to capture her squeal.

I don’t know how the candy bar poster has become a tradition but I guess it has…

But Grace’s REAL birthday tradition is having a pinata. For the last three years we have made it ourselves.(Do you like that posed picture above?)
She started adding tissue paper to make flowers but gave up after just one.

I don’t blame her. We were all ready to pop that thing open.

These kids took the task quite seriously.
Elle almost got it:But in the end it was Max who did the trick:We had a great time playing Grace’s new game: “Hedbanz”

And what birthday could be complete without having all the cousins over to celebrate with us?
With one more cake…
Oh and one more game of Hedbanz.
…with Uncle Josh.
Yes, the day was well-celebrated.

And it triggered a family discussion that maybe we’ll stretch birthday parties out even more in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

We are SO grateful to have Grace as part of our family.

Ten reasons why we adore her SO much:

1) She has the best sense of humor. We went out to lunch the other day and as we were talking about her upcoming party I asked her if she wanted to invite any boys. Her response in mock seriousness with a twinkle in her eye was, “Mom, I don’t think I want to see a boy in a leotard! It would ruin my gymnastics career!”

2) She’s the best middle child we could ask for. She is vocal enough to never be left out.

3) She is a good friend. She is always worried about not leaving people out and she is loyal as can be.

4) She is so dang determined. When she gets something in her mind she cannot get it out until it is accomplished (hmmmm…sounds like someone else I know…).

5) She is a kind sister. She is completely doting on her little sisters and respectful of Max and Elle.

6) She is an amazing babysitter.

7) She’s probably my best picture-poser. Man I love her for that!

8) She’s smart as a whip.

9) She helps keep me organized. When we have things coming up that she’s worried I’ll forget she is like a broken-record reminding me.

10) She has this twinkle in her eye when she smiles that can light up a whole room.
Love you with all my heart, Grace!

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  1. Wow! Ten years old. Ten is a milestone isn't it, double digits now.
    So I love the pinata idea, what is the stuff coming out of it? I mean besides the candy treats. Please don't say glitter. I have an irrational fear of glitter. I know, I know, I'm an odd ball.
    I love the game "Headbandz" where do you get it?

  2. I LOVE your blog!! I don't know if you are fully aware of how inspiring you are, especially to young women. I'm single, 26 and have always wanted to be a mother, wife and homemaker; you make me so happy and make me feel so normal for wanting these things. May God continue to bless you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tie-dyed cake…what a cute idea! Looks like Grace had a fun birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shawni, I was wondering if you could share your blog settings for all the widths. I remember you said it's 650 pixels wide, but is that the whole blog or the one side? I've tried 1200 pixels for the whole thing and 650 for the text side, and 300 for the links…do you understand what I'm asking you? If you could share that information I would sure appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. LOVE the tye-dyed cake! My daughter would love that for her b-day in November. My son turned 10 in May & it was so hard to think I had a child in the double digits. Then he added that in a few more years he wouldn't be able to order from the kids menu anymore! Just go ahead and depress me!!

  5. loved this post. Love how much you love your kids. I feel the same about mine. Nan Pothier is in my ward and we talk about your blog sometimes! She is so great. At a RS meeting I told about how you write your talents on each of your kids fingers to make them feel loved and special. I copied this idea and my kids love it! They ask me to write on their fingers all the time! thanks for all the cute pics and great ideas. you are awesome

  6. Shawnie, I recently discovered your blog and I thank you for sharing your insights, thoughts and experiences. I learn a lot from reading your posts because you're real. Thanks for teaching me about being myself.
    I also have to say, this sounds like such a fun birthday! I love the traditions and I'm sure they are special to your family. That reminds me that I need to start some good traditions in my family! Happy Birthday, Grace!

  7. My Grace turned 10 on Sunday too. AND we got her a new bike that she was thrilled about! Maybe they'll meet at BYU someday and become fast friends.

  8. Happy Birthday Grace!! What a fun celebration she had. Love the cake and I'm with everyone else to on how did you do it. She is so beautiful and yes her eyes do sparkle. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

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