Twelve years ago today Dave and I checked into the hospital in the early morning and welcomed our third child into the world.  A second daughter who we named Grace Anne.03538_n_8ablnh9hs1562And who thought her name was Grace “And” until she was five. (I love that.) She entered the world calm and peaceful as could be.03493_n_8ablnh9hs149 Little could we know the spunk and sparkle that she would bring into our lives…first with continual colic:01177_n_8ablnh9hs3442 And reflux:01053_n_8ablnh9hs867(Yes, I think I deserve to show that picture each and every year because I’m her mother, and I survived it. 🙂 From the get-go she had a little sass.2004-07-009 Eyrealm reunion 12603069_n_8ablnh9hs2494 And boy are we grateful for it and the dynamics it brings to this family. As I looked through old pictures I couldn’t help but post some of her growing up.02378_n_8ablnh9hs399402651_n_8ablnh9hs193802715_n_8ablnh9hs258902965_n_8ablnh9hs29052004-10-14 kids 007b&w Nanny McPhee stage:2009-01-19Loosli visit02872010-05 summer-41922010-06-26 Grace's birthday-56252010-06-26 Grace's birthday-5645 2010-07-03 Coronado 04992004-04-24 Noah's wedding 2082010-08-28 untitled 191242010-08-28 untitled 19134Bear Lake with McClellands-0529Bear Lake-0314Bear Lake-0448 Twelve of the top reasons I adore her: 1)  She is genuinely kind as can be. 2)  She is a good friend.  She is especially good on birthdays.  She ALWAYS makes sure she does something great for her friends:  heart-attacks, candy-bar posters, a couple weeks ago she even threw a little surprise party for one friend.  3)  She is a great cook.  She always seems to gravitate to help me in the kitchen.  Flat bread (back here) is her specialty, (she makes it for dinner every Sunday) but she’s pretty good at everything she tries. 4)  She’s a passionate dancer.  I love to watch her move her body and feel the emotion. 5)  She looks out for her siblings.  And has those little sisters of hers under her wing. 6)  I covet her hair (ok not really), but boy howdy I sure do love it. 7)  Her eyes sparkle.  And they make me smile. 8)  She knows how to get what she wants.  It’s enough to drive me crazy sometimes but it’s going to get her places in life! 9)  She does her own laundry.  And I don’t like laundry-at all- so that makes me happy. 10)  She is a gatherer.  She’s not afraid to invite everyone over and always has all kinds of ideas of how to entertain up her sleeve. 11)  She’s the best party planner I know.  12)  She knows she’s a child of God.  And she lets that show in her actions and how she cares for those around her. Love you with all my heart Grace Jam!  Hope today is the very best! 2013-05-26 summer kick-off 761592013-05-26 summer kick-off 76170

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  1. Happy 12th Birthday to Grace. Hope she has a brill day:)

    In the 1st picture I thought it was Lucy. I know I always say this but Lucy is the image of Grace.

    I love the list of 12 reasons why you adore Grace, especially no 12:)

    Have a great day Grace & especially Young Women's etc.

    Love from Julie, UK

  2. Oh wow is she one cute baby and toddler. And of course now-almost teenager! 🙂 She has had that sparkle in her eye since day one!

  3. What beautiful pictures and sentiments about Grace. Happy birthday!

    Yes, keep sharing the crazy reflux picture. I didn't realize spitting up to that extent wasn't normal from our first baby until I saw the picture and we had our second baby. Good job smiling!

  4. Happy birthday Grace! Congratulations on being done with primary!!! (that is the second best part about turning 12…the best is YW!) And thanks for the throw up picture. My oldest projectile vomited for 7 months and it was nice to show him what I looked like every day!

  5. I can't get over how much Lucy looks like Grace. I'd never really realized it before, but I can really see the resemblance between the two of them when I see the pictures of Grace when she was younger (especially in the first picture in the post). I know I don't know your kids personally, but they just seem like the nicest kids! (I covet Grace's hair, too, by the way!) 🙂

    Your paralyzed friend,

  6. Oh man I can't believe our adorable little baby girl is TWELVE! I loved our first sleepover which was when she was 4 days old in the downstairs room at Henny Penny so you could get some sleep. Thank goodness for pacifiers AND that she hadn't hit the reflux stage yet!

    Love you Grace!

  7. I have always thought Grace looks just like an American Girl doll – I just want to pinch her cheeks!
    My name is Raquel and my mom always called me Kelly for short so I thought my middle name was Kelly until I was in Jr. High – at least it didn't take Grace as long to figure out her middle name wasn't 'and'.

  8. She is beautiful! Happy Birthday, and my goodness looking at those past pictures makes me want to go squeeze my babies and ask them to please please please not grow up so fast!

    1. I love how you've called Grace Lucy's twin:)

      I think Elle & Claire look like twins too:)

      Max looks like all of them – or vica versa:)

  9. happy birthday GRACE JAM! love that:) so Shawni- I just saw that Grace had colic and reflux? totally experienced that with my last baby- until 9 months! puke and screaming and crying for nine months!! i cant believe i survived- and i thought one was enough to have with reflux and colic…well just had our third- our first baby girl and she is just barely a month old and well here we go again!!! COLIC!!!! arghhh…on top of raising my out of control- rambunctious 2 and 4 year old boys- who want to destroy the house and ME for that matter every day, I have this poor baby girl who is so COLICY! if you ever, and im sure you dont;), cuz your a busy mama yourself- do you have any advice how you survived those days?? how is it, you have that big, beautiful smile on your face with all the throw up?? either email me at or maybe on your friday question and answer days? if you don't get around to it- i totally understand!:) thanks once again for your uplifting posts everyday! i look forward to them all the time! now to my crying girl…here we go…wish me luck!! i cant even think!!!!!

  10. I was going to say how much she looks like Lucy, too… though in that Dr. Pepper t-shirt photo she looks so much like Claire.

    I love the blogosphere. Your photos and your gift of writing make me feel like your family is part of my own… kind of like third cousins we haven't met yet. 🙂

  11. Lucy looks a LOT LOT LOT like grace! but then in the latest photos, Grace looks a LOT like Elle! so fun how genetics change and they look different from year to year. At any rate, Grace is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE her spunk~My girls turns 12 in July, love this age!~

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