Max was gone for his birthday almost two months ago. (I wrote my birthday post and took my paparazzi pictures of him back here.) We missed him dearly but did celebrate before he left.

(Lu is lingering at the post-breakfast table.)

Doesn’t he look incredibly excited to have the attention on him?

At least he got to share a little of it with a cousin who was also celebrating a b-day.

His b-day tradition is to do something with water, whether it’s water balloons, swimming, etc. He was so cute to swim with his adoring sisters for a little bit before he took off for his trip.

The girls were excited about that…

They love that guy so much.

Anyway, I’m barely getting it together enough to post his 14-year-old pictures so here you go:(He’s not really one who jumps at the chance to be in a picture so it’s taken me a couple months to get them.)Love that full-fledged teenager of mine with all my heart.

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  1. He may abhor the photo taking, but at least he still lets you and Dave kiss him on the cheecks. That's worth a couple of annoyed looks when the camera comes out.

  2. those are beautiful photos and happy birthday to your boy. Their sisters make a huge card which is so cute and so creative. Love it and thanks for sharing with all of us.

  3. What an adorable teenager! Of course, he was adorable when you guys were in our McLean II Ward back here! We've missed your family. It's great to see you all doing so well.

  4. Max you are the BEST! I'll never forget that flip flop rescue at Grammie Camp. Thank goodness for those LONG arms! Love you! Great pics Shawni!

  5. Hi Shawni,

    I have been addicted to your blog ever since I connected to it from another mom of the year. I love your writing and especially your photography–I guess it's a bit easier when you have such handsome and beautiful subjects! I was just wondering if you ever share (or sell) an image. I have been particularly stalking your decorating ideas. I have looked for an email address for you but I can't find it! Please let me know if you ever grab a second–I know things are so busy! My email address is:

  6. Just wait until you chaperone one of his youth dances and you actually make the mistake of being seen by him – he'll like that less than picture taking!

  7. Your girls are so cute with that candy gram they made for Max. What a special gift! I think it's great you were able to get photos of him. My hubby hates photos also and whenever I try to get any he always makes a silly/dumb face. I told him posterity will think he was nuts but he doesn't believe it. 🙂 How do you convince Dave or Max to let you take just a few photos every now and again? Anyway, beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! Oh, I also had to tell you that I love the photos of you and Dave kissing either side of Max's face. Perfect. 🙂

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