Inspired by this photo shoot a few weeks ago, Max and I purchased a fan at Target for $14.99.

Dave took one look at that thing when he got home from work and rolled his eyes asking where in the world we were going to store it (that’s how the mind of my husband thinks).

But I’ll tell you what, the rest of us are in love with that thing.

My kids love it because of the cool sound it makes when they talk into it.

I love it because it makes “Insanity” so much more bearable (I’m into the “max” workouts now and boy howdy do they ever kick my booty).

But mostly, that fan is a golden purchase because it has my kids asking me to take pictures of them.

(Do you like that blue “balance beam” behind Claire that we rigged in our kitchen with paint tape so the girls could practice their cartwheels and handstands “in-line”? It gives our house the perfect finished touch.)
Not quite sure what’s up with these sultry expressions:
And someone is obviously very excited about her new soccer jersey:
I like the laughing ones better:Now if I can only figure out how to finagle some studio lighting and a cool back drop…

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  1. YOur girls are soooooooo beautiful!!! they are like little models all of them!!! But especially Grace! that girl knows how to WORK IT!!! GORGEOUS!!!!
    I love all their different personalities too!

  2. Great photos! My sister in law just took her fan back when she moved out. I'll have to get another. I've used halogen lamps from Home Depot in the past for cheap lighting. They do get hot though.

  3. LOVE these pics…your photos are gorgeous and your models…well, hard to get a bad pic, they are sooo beautiful 🙂

    Your photography inspires me so much, I am really working on getting out of Auto and fine tuning my skills!

  4. Your kids are seriously amazingly gorgeous!! I made backdrops one time by building a frame out of PVC pipes and then draping sheets (like bachelor pad black sheets from Goodwill sheets) over them.

  5. I've been drooling over your amazing photography for months. I want to take pictures like this and display them everywhere! I want to stop going to Target and get quality photos like you have.

    Can I ask a question? I have one of those small Canon cameras that I love b/c I can take it anywhere. But my pictures don't look like yours.

    Should I
    1) Invest in the amazing but expensive big Canon camera and learn the features and take some classes? (I'd love to develop this hobby) or

    2) Buy photoshop essentials and go from there?

    Any advice? It's so overwhelming to me! Thank you! I love your blog!

  6. I love it! And I'm with everyone else…your daughters are so pretty! AND I love that you're doing Insanity. I'm going to do it post baby in belly and it's all I can think about. Well that and getting baby!

  7. This post made me laugh outloud. Totally something I would have done as a kid! I've never commented on your blog before, but decided … darnit! It's time to commend you for your skills in writing and your creativity and the inspiration you provide me as a mother. We have 3 kids (5, 3, and 1) and are eager to add to our brood (somedays). The days I think I'm in over my head, I read one of your posts and somehow, the way you deliver a clear picture of the organized, yet beautiful chaos, my sense of having more children always comes back. Your posts have a way of reminding me to focus on the important things… to grasp the big picture and to view the day to day tasks of being a mother as a blessing rather than a chore. Not sure how you do it. But I'm grateful for running across your blog months ago. Thanks for sharing your experiences as a mother. Your family is adorable! Please know your are talented in many ways!
    Roz from MN

  8. These are gorgeous photos, love all the variety of them. The girls are so pretty and really know how to pose for great pictures. Wish you could take photos like this of my kids.

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