On Sunday my boy turned 15.

Because of that little fact part of me wanted to “ugly cry” in the corner.  I mean, he has gone from this:

to this:while I blinked.

But another part of me made my heart melt into a little puddle as I pondered the amazing young man he is becoming.

I looked down the row at him at church.  He had a smile stretched across his face while he was listening to some story someone was talking about.  His dimples on the corners of his mouth were deep and the sparkle in his eye was bright and I had a moment.

I caught a glimpse of his spirit.  Oh how I love that boy.

Max is smart.  He somehow finagled a two-day birthday.  I mean, his birthday was on a Sunday, and a fast Sunday at that so he somehow sweet-talked us into all his favorite things on Saturday, no jobs, etc. and some serious special treatment on Sunday.

But we were sure happy to pamper him since it seems like he hasn’t been home on his actual birthday in years.  (Scout camps and sport camps always seem to be on June 3rd.)

On Saturday we had crepes for breakfast and Dave mowed the lawn for him and we went out to dinner:

Max’s birthday tradition is to do something with water and it wasn’t looking like it was going to happen so the girls tried to get him with water balloons.

They missed:

He missed Dave too.

So no one even got wet but he went ahead and still turned into a fifteen-year-old on Sunday.

The night before, girls set up a treasure hunt for him to find his gifts (that’s what happens when you have a bunch of sisters and their friends excited for your birthday). 

They put the first clue at the kitchen table and led him all over the house to find his various gifts. 

We waited ’til after church for this one cause remember how that happens at 8:00 am?  
I should have taken more pictures of the girls who were so delighted to watch him.
At the end of his trail of clues was the main gift: a little, tiny skateboard he’s been eying for a while.

As per tradition, here are 15 reasons I adore this boy:

1)  He is thankful.  He thanks me like a bazillion times for everything I do for him.

2)  He tries hard at things.  He’s put his heart into volleyball and you can watch him improve by the minute.

3)  He gets super excited about things.  His eyes bug out and he says “really???!!” when I tell him something new or exciting that is going to happen.  Even if it’s just that I made him a smoothie.
4)  He takes good care of little kids.  They love him and he eats it up.
5)  He puts up with little kids.  Mostly girls.  Lots of them.  Singing and bugging him all day long.
6)  I asked Grace why she loves him so much and she said “he is ALWAYS happy.”  
That’s a pretty good thing.  Except, she must miss his face when she won’t stop singing….

7)  I asked Claire what she loves most about him and she said he’ll always play with her.  And it’s true, he’s always playing catch or bouncing her on the trampoline.  He’s a fun brother.

8)  He’s smart.  He remembers things like no one I know.

9)  He’s not afraid to try new and hard things.  I can’t wait to post the pictures of him on the trek and tell about all the hard stuff he did there.

10)  He is awesome at taking care of our yard.  He’s to the point where he notices trees and bushes that need to be trimmed and he does it on his own without being asked.

11)  I love his slow, humble smile when one of his friends mention which girls like him.

12)  I love how his eyes sparkle.

13)  I love how he reads his scriptures and tries to develop his spiritual side.  He really tries to make the kind of decisions Heavenly Father would be proud of.

14)  He loves the food I make him and is so thankful for it.  (He can eat more than anyone I know.)

15)  He is becoming awesome at seeing what needs to be done and doing it. 

He loves his cousins.

How great that we live close enough to them and some came down from Utah just in time to help celebrate.

Love you Max.

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  1. Such a handsome young man. My girl had her kindergarten graduation today and I am afeared she will be 15 the next time I blink…

  2. Seriously, this brings tears to my eyes because I don't want my little boys getting so big! I hope they grow up to be as great. He seems so sweet.

  3. What a beautiful boy! He's so handsome and sweet! I think it's a testament to the way you and your husband are raising him! I don't know him, but he just looks like the life of the party. I grew up with six sisters and I always desperately wanted a brother, and from everything I've ever read about Max on your blog, he's just the kind of brother I would've wanted!

    I hope you and your family doing well!

    Your paralyzed friend,

  4. Nice tribute to your son. I can relate to many things you said…I have a wonderful son with many of the same personality traits as yours turning 16 in two weeks. The years go by so quickly.

  5. Boys are special to their mommies. Mine just turned eight, and I get a little weepy thinking of the day I'll be able to write a post like this! Mine too is one of those crazy enthusiastic kids (he has a habit of saying, "This is the BEST DAY EVERRR!!" whenever we do anything fun) and he thanks me for all the little things I do for him. He always tries to do the right thing. I hope that as he grows up he will be just like your Max and keep all those wonderful qualities. 🙂

  6. Your family is so adorable! I love the way you love and play with each other and the fact that your children are ALWAYS smiling!! My "baby" boy just turned 18 and I can relate to the ugly cry!!
    Congratulations on raising a wonderful young man…Happy Birthday Max!

  7. Oh my goodness, this choked me up! My baby's birthday was on Sunday as well- he just turned one! I have been emotional about it the for the last couple of weeks. I totally miss my new baby, but seeing how Max is growing into such an awesome guy gets me excited for those teenage years! He sounds like one truly amazing young man 🙂

  8. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that gives my kids practical gifts like deodorant. What a wonderful kid you have! It's fun to watch your kids grow up on you. I am having lots of fun watching mine mature.

  9. Wow, what an amazing son! I have three little boys and I sure hope they can be like Max when they are teenagers. It is so cute to see him with all his sisters. We also have 1 girl, so we have the opposite situation going on. Thanks for sharing and wish him a happy birthday from all of us readers.

  10. Lovely photos, his sisters love him a lot! I have an older brother and I followed him everywhere – a big brother is the best! Happy birthday Max! 🙂

  11. I love this post because I am crossing all my fingers and toes that my cute little three-year-old eldest turns out just like Max. I'm inspired to praise and notice the good in him in hopes that it will help. Happy bday, Max!

  12. Long time reader. My boy had a birthday on Sunday too. I did a similar post for him. And one had a birthday yesterday. Whew. I'd love you to visit me sometime. Love your blog, Niki

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