As of today, I have a child who is 17.  

I can’t stand it.

I can’t stand how fast he’s growing and also how much I adore him.

Hurts my heart a little.

I love to watch him with his little sisters.

I love to hear his heart through his testimony (I was going to post a spiritual journal entry I took a picture of here but he’d probably kill me).

I love his quirky sense of humor.

And his quirky friends.

I love that he’s not too cool to tweet about his little sister.

Or to pose for me (if I’m very lucky and he’s in the right mood).

Really, what I wrote LAST YEAR on his big day is exactly how I still feel now.   I love this boy more than I can say.

More about the festivities later, but I do know we won’t be throwing any surprise parties like we did last year back HERE (he was mortified by that…hates to have any extra attention on him).

So, for his sake, I will stop right there and just say happy birthday to my towering 6’6″ baby boy I adore.  Love you forever Maxwell.


  1. Happy 17th Birthday to Max. Hope he's having a great day & a brill year:)

    I love what a great big brother he is. I especially like the picture of Max & Lucy.

    That was really kind of him to tweet about Lucy's 1st goal.

  2. Just wait Shawni, my baby boy is a year older than yours, wait till he graduates next year and goes on his mission, your life will never be the same!!

  3. This makes my heart hurt haha…just thinking about my 4 year old and only boy and how quickly I'll be saying the same. Max seems to be an awesome kid! Doing good, mama! It's pretty inspiring 😉 so thank you!

  4. LOVE that guy! His work ethic, dedication to volleyball and love for his mom and dad and his little sisters is just plain inspiring! Hope he had a great day!

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