Nineteen years ago I was giddy as could be.
And also very nervous.
But the giddiness cancelled out the nerves.
Because I was marrying this guy:

I had found the specific bra I needed to wear with my wedding dress I was huffy and freaking out about to my sisters the night before πŸ™‚

I had all my fake ivy wreaths lined up ready to adorn the heads of my bridesmaids.

I had my huge sleeves on my wedding dress all puffed out, ready to go.

I had done my own hair and plopped my veil right on top.

And I was ready to take that big, giant step into the unknown with some guy I thought I knew but really scarcely knew if I look back and really think about it.

 He’s kept me smiling ever since.

(Except when he makes me hopping mad πŸ™‚

Best decision I ever made.

Through all my home-building months accompanied by my horrific-decision-making skills, I have thought of this often:

How in the world did I make that decision so long ago when I was practically a baby (ha).  How did I not second guess?  How did I not get that hollow sick feeling I feel so often when making decisions on what countertop goes where or which wood stain we will like for the longest?  I mean, who really cares about those things in the whole scheme of life?  But who you marry???  Well THAT’S huge.

Maybe I didn’t stress because it was just right.

He’s stuck with me for nineteen years of ups and downs.  That says a lot because often times I’m a little bit crazy.   I can’t wait for the next nineteen.

Or the next nineteen after that, and after that and after that.

Cause I get to hang onto this one for a long time.  We’ve got forever to go.  And I feel like the luckiest girl ever because of that little fact.

Love you babe.

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  1. Aw…Happy Anniversary, I have to say you are a lucky gal and he's lucky too. I was hoping to see a wedding picture after all that describing?

  2. Happy Anniversary! In a world of so many crumbling marriages…you are a success story. We are (happily) waiting on Chapter 2 of how you met…and how did you figure out you had met your match? In all the big decisions in life…this is one of the biggest…and the biggest blind risk we all take….no matter how much we think we "know" someone. Always wonderful to see a couple who makes it work!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I just love those first few pictures with your husband doing some GQ looks – lol!! I'm also looking forward to a part II in your love story…

  4. Happy Anniversary! I feel like we so know much about your family, but how you guys met and your courtship is a story you haven't told. At least I don't think you have. Would love to read it!

  5. You are going to tease us with puffy sleeves and ivy wreaths but not post the proof! We demand to see this wedding in all it's 1995 glory! (And congratulation too BTW)

  6. oh golly YES. pictures of the wedding and the story of how you met, etc., etc. we will all be waiting on the edges of our keyboards. and FOR REALS you had to delete a comment because someone said something not nice?!!!??!?

    1. Shawni didn't delete a comment. If she did it would say "deleted by blog administrator". It says deleted by author (the person who wrote the comment). If you look at it, it was a comment from Marc, who also posted the comment above it. My guess is that he accidentally double posted his comment and deleted the duplicate!

  7. Correct Marci! (Hey! we're practically name twins!) You are right…the darn thing posted my comment twice with one click. So I just deleted the dupe…Shawni did not.

  8. Love this, Shawni. You two are a great looking couple. I'm just like you with decisions–the little ones stop me in my tracks every time, but the big important ones seem to be "easy"–I just know.

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