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how to cool off in the desert heat

by Shawni

Before Jonah and Aja arrived we decided we better take Elsie to the lake.

To simmer down in this heat for a little bit and let her know that the desert has some perks.

I mean, it’s WAY better than Hawaii, right??

Elsie taught us about “body womping” (and it was pretty incredible I have to say), and the rest of us got to work on our surfing skills.

Elsie begged me to try body womping as well. I wouldn’t recommend that sport unless you want to drink half the lake:)

…trying to take notes from Knox who can surf with his little nephew like a pro:

Happy girls at this happy place.

And cousins and siblings we adore.

One of my favorite views in all the land:

It’s so gorgeous and it whispers to me: it’s been a good day at the lake.

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Crystal August 27, 2022 - 7:26 pm

Can readers still subscribe to receive updates from your blog/site? I used to get emails, but quit receiving them about 3 weeks ago.


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