Ok, I just read through some of the last posts on here and boy howdy am I ever painting it picture-perfect around here.

Don’t get me wrong, because it IS pretty perfect…most of the time. But remember that I like to take pictures of the picturesque stuff…the sunsets, the smiling faces, the pristine beauty around me. I am drawn to my camera when the light is just so and when my kids’ hair is done (most of the time). I don’t generally ache for my camera when my kids are bawling after one of them scratched the other one for some mysterious reason (although I do like to take pictures of Lucy wailing…sorry Lu), or when I’m sweeping up the kitchen for the third time after wading through the crumbs of multiple children strewn all over the place. I don’t stop to take a self-portrait when I’m annoyed at my kids for not being helpful or when I’m missing Dave who doesn’t get to be with us up here all the time.

BUT, those tiny things get canceled out pretty quickly by the amazing-ness of the fact that we get to be here for a month. Even at the risk of making the grass seem a little too green where we are (and yes, I can do that with Photoshop), I want to keep records of all the good stuff…because yes, there is abounding good stuff.

And I realize we are incredibly lucky to get to do this. And I am incredibly thankful to have this time with my family.
Ok, with that preface, here goes the recap of the 24th of July:

that “24” is for the 24th of July…just in case you didn’t get that…

Dave came back up for the weekend.

And man alive, were we ever ready for him.

We had a big “chuck-wagon” breakfast (without the actual chuck-wagon), and told the kids all about their ancestors.

We celebrated by riding on the tube pretty much all day long.

These kids couldn’t get enough speed to suit them. They loved it.

That’s my sis-in-law Anita and not me…just in case you’re confused…

Poor Dave has a cracked rib (from a waterski accident in Chicago with all his brothers last week), and couldn’t take the turns quite like these guys did:I must admit, I surprised myself at how I could flip this thing over for those who wanted wild rides. I was pretty proud of myself…and so were my kids. This is the first year I have actually driven the boat much (I have blisters from the non-power-steering to show for it).

That night we roasted S’mores around the campfire…along with having some fun with sparklers.Max’s specialty:
…and thanked God throughout the day for our strong, awe-inspiring pioneer heritage.

p.s. Speaking of good, strong people, it’s a big birthday for my sister today. We hacked into her blog here to send her our love (she left yesterday to speak at Education Week in Idaho so we missed the big day). I’m sure she’d love any extra well-wishes you may feel inclined to send her way. She’s quite a lady.


  1. I was looking through some old high school pictures with my fiancée the other day. It made me get all warm and fuzzy in side…..”Oh high school, I miss you so.” I thought to myself. Then I snapped out of it and remember all the silly drama, and fakeness. I came back to realty and realized that I was only looking at pictures from the good ole days. I didn’t have pictures of me crying my eyes out from a broken heart or pictures of the numerous fights I got in with my mom….and why should I? It’s ok to take pictures of the good time because those are the ones we want to remember and pass on to our children. I’m like you in the fact that I’m moved to get my camera out during blessed moments and not chaotic ones. Although the chaotic pics can be funny too! Keep on snapping you precious “perfect” moments your children will love them and to be all warm and fuzzy inside just like I get when I look back at old pictures

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  2. Once again, I am so impressed with your family. I went over to your sister's blog and watched the video! Loved it! Hope the rest of your summer is great! I can't imagine that it won't be. Great doesn't have to mean perfect.

  3. Shawni…I would hope that most people would realize that not everyday is perfect (especially with all those people in one place for that long!) and most of us don't take pictures of the not so perfect times (or blog about it for that matter). I love your blog for all it's wonderfulness.

    If you ever get a chance…I would love for you to share how you capture those sparkler pictures…I can't figure it out after several attempts (although I am still learning my camera).

  4. LOVE these photos! I just got my first SLR and I am trying to figure it out. I too would love to know how you got these wonderful photos! Happy Pioneer Day…a little late!

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