Today this handsome guy has a big birthday.
And right now he is rolling his eyes and saying to himself, “why, oh why is my wife so sappy?”

But sometimes I just can’t help it.

I’m so proud of all he has accomplished in forty years:
things like marathons,
building a business from the ground up,
traveling to China over and over and over again,
setting goals he is determined to accomplish
put up with a compulsive wife for fifteen years,

But the thing I love most is that even through his accomplishments he has five children and a wife whose eyes sparkle when he’s around…because he puts them first.

I love that he craves schedules and order and that our family is so much better off as a result.

I love that he can see the big picture in life and does things because he is deliberate and aware, not just trying to follow the status quo.

I love our inside jokes.

I love that he makes life fun.

And I love that I get to sleep with him every night. And the deep conversations that ensue from our bed filled with our dreams and visions and where we want to go in life.

There is no one I’d rather spend every second with.

There comes the cheese again, so I’m signing off.
(I kind of tricked him into a photo shoot all by himself, but he would be even more mad at me for this cheesy post if I posted the poses I got.)

Love you baby.

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  1. What I love is that your husband's smile is SOOO much like the smile that many of your other children make when they're posing for your camera.

    LOVE that happy smile which runs in your family.


  2. Happy birthday Dave!

    Love that picture of the both of you. I think it really captures your relationship. And what a lovely post to go with it (we all have to be a little sappy sometimes!)

  3. ok so i "unofficially" follow your blog. ever since you were featured on 6th street design i've been hooked. you are an awesome mother/wife/woman/example that i love reading your posts. hope you have fun celebrating.

    [don't worry i'm not a scary stalker :D]

  4. awwww happy birthday! your love is so evident to each other and what a great photo!!!

    hope he has a great day! I'm learning that the more kids you have the more you need a hubby you can rely on who loves the journey too


  5. Shawni…I Love your posts! You know what my favorite thing about you is? YOU are always positive about others—and especially your husband. In a world where divorce is rampant and love seems to fall by the wayside…I LOVE that you nurture and take care of your relationship with your husband. Because isn't that how our children all got started? Thanks for being YOU!!! You are an awesome example for others to strive to be like

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