We love the 4th of July. There’s something about the appreciation you feel for your country along with the time of year…and the fireworks…we LOVE fireworks.

And I forgot how great the 4th of July is at Bear Lake.

We bought some fireworks on our way up. They were some kind of dinky ones but hey, we thought we’d like to have some small little celebration. Little did we know what a display of fireworks we’d get when we got here. It was amazing. They were going off from the beach all around the whole lake. It was quite a show.
We sat around a little campfire we made on the beach, eating s’mores like they were going out of style, and “ooooo”d and “ahhhhh”d about all the huge blasts going on around us.
The greatest thing was: no traffic.

No crowds to fight.

Just us and some gorgeous fireworks.

Another reason to love Bear Lake.

Just as we finished off our own set of fireworks a HUGE blast of a windstorm kicked up and set all the fireworks and tons of sand and sparklers flying. So we headed back up to the cabin, tucked the kids in bed with hugs and kisses, and played games as the remaining fireworks of the brave who dared set them off in the wind danced around the black night air out the windows.

Yep, I think this is the place for the 4th.

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  1. You were luckier than my friends the Hixons… the fire marshal visited their Bear Lake gathering and they got them taken away. Her hubby was quite saddened by that!

  2. I love how you took a picture of the sand blast. What a photo-journalist!!!
    Looks like so much fun!
    Maybe next year you can join us in Coronado!

  3. You don't know me but I love reading your blog and have felt kind of connected since I was born and raised in Bear Lake. I brought my husband back here to live with our four kids. Your words, photos, and book have inspired me! Thanks!

  4. Shawni,
    Spending some time at Bear Lake with your family was such a highlight of our summer! It is such a beautiful place…hope we can do it again 🙂

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