I got to chaperone the 5th grade soccer day with Claire’s class last week. 

It’s an annual thing around here where schools from all over Shanghai meet up to play soccer together, and it was pretty cool.
Here we are in Claire’s classroom with “Team A” planning for their strategy to win all the games.

 She was so excited to play she could hardly stand it.  That girl adores soccer.

These are the other moms I got to chaperone with.  Loved getting to know them better.

One is from China and the other is from Korea and have such interesting stories to tell.  I sat by another mom on the bus who told me all kinds of things about the history of Chinese, Japanese and Korean writing and characters.  Loved picking her brain about so many things that are so new to me.

We moms worked together to try to keep the good sportsmanship alive even though the hopes and dreams of winning every game slipped away pretty darn quick.

The kids still had so much fun.

I mean, what’s not to like when you get to be outside away from school books all day?

Loved being with this little sweetie pie of mine.

 …and getting to know the kids in her class.

Claire left determined she was going to figure out how to make this kind of a day happen back at home.


  1. Is this an international thing we Americans are missing out on? 🙂 I spent four summers in Zambia and the kids at the nearby government school always did the same thing competing against other schools in the city for a day.

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