Welp, it looks like Elle’s best-laid efforts to wait until “later” in life to get married have been thwarted.

…because these two are getting hitched:

And she looks pretty sad about it, right?



–There is a good story that goes with this engagement including Dave’s sneaky maneuvering to meet up with Carson en route home from China for the “interview,” and some happy surprises.

–Despite Carson’s best-laid efforts, the ring was too small so Elle is going around wearing it proudly on her pinky for now.

–Lucy about died of happiness when Claire and I woke her up in all our excitement after the engagement (it was late but she has been anxiously anticipating/hoping for this for a long time):

(She calls him “Larson” mixing his nickname and his real name)

–My cheeks are still hurting from smiling and there is SO much to say but for now, I’ll just say we’re all pretty excited.

post edit note: I wrote up the whole story of their engagement over HERE, so click that link if you want to read all about it!

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  1. “Interview”? Was Dave his first choice in a marriage partner? Kidding.

    She is plenty old enough to marry. She graduated high school years ago, was able to pick work or college. She has been an adult for quite some time.

    1. I don’t think there’s any concern around her being “old” enough – just that her original plan had been to wait until older.

    2. Is it true? Is it kind? Does it need to be said? I always try to ask myself those 3 questions before I comment – your comment was not kind and did not need to be said. Their traditions – their family – Not yours.

  2. Congratulations to the loving couple. They look over the moon with happiness which always fills the mother heart with joy. Looking forward to the stories to come. Was Elle surprised?

  3. That is awesome news!! Your babies are growing up so fast and your family is growing, too! I wish you guys so much happiness and light in the years to come.

  4. Oh goodness. Congrats to all! When is this happening? On winter break or in the future? There must be something magical about your children getting married around the holidays….

  5. Congratulations! Wonderful to find the right one! Love has always been more of a vibrational frequency than an emotion for me. It’s like our frequencies line up and this is what draws us together to the right person. (and the right friends) When seeing these kinds of announcements I always think “Two Souls… Right Frequency!” “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

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