Lucy is a real live bike-rider.
I know, that’s not that uncommon for an eight-year-old.  But I think it kind of is uncommon for an eight-year-old with BBS.  
It was not a walk in the park I’ll tell you that.  It’s taken years and strategies and helpful hints from blog readers (thanks for that BTW).
It’s also taken Dave running alongside her each morning as she has pedaled, front wheel meandering crazy all over the street to the bus stop, sometimes with Lu yelling “I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!!!” at the top of her lungs.  It’s taken a couple falls and some serious prodding to get right back on the saddle.
But this spring, this girl did it.  
She can ride a bike.
Let’s just check out how heart-melting this little duo has been each morning on their way to the bus:

She was a little wobbly in that video but she’s pretty steady now.  She can start (almost) all by herself and use the breaks to stop and her smile is as big as Texas knowing that she’s done a tough thing.

We knew this was a big goal.  And we also knew that she’s quickly growing out of her princess-loving magical Disney stage so we told her long ago that if she could learn to ride a bike we’d take her to Disneyland.

Well, she learned, and we followed through.  It was Spring Break here in the desert last week and Max had a volleyball tournament in California so the timing worked out like a charm.  There were a few days in there where we thought maybe we wouldn’t be able to make it after all as I lay in bed sick as a dog (do dogs really get sick??).

But luckily I came back to the land of the living and we were able to pack up and leave…four days later than we anticipated, but in the whole scheme of things, who cares…we made it!

I’ll be the first to admit that it was weird because we only had three kids most of this trip.

Max was practicing for the tournament and Grace?  Well, Grace was having the adventure of a lifetime visiting her cousin who lives in Hawaii…something they’ve been trying to maneuver and earn money forever.  It finally worked out for spring break, lucky girl!  Much more about that soon, but for now, here’s our little reward trip to Disneyland.

…with our teeny little family:)

I have to admit the new “Cars” ride was pretty cool. The ride itself was fine, but the scenery was pretty amazing.

 Maybe just cause I love that red rock stuff…I guess I even like fake red rock 🙂

 We stayed with Dave’s cousin’s family…some of whom accompanied us to Disneyland.

Love them so much!  They were the best hosts ever…so grateful for them and the chance to get caught up (missing Zoe and Chris who couldn’t make it that day).

Lucy was brave enough to conquer “California Screaming” and “Space Mountain” but her favorite part was when the two of us snuck off to see the parade:

…and to stand in line to meet the princesses. 

I am not the hugest fan of Disneyland in the whole history of the planet…but this sure was a fun day.  I could have stayed all night but everyone else was ready to go so we signed off and checked off a fun reward for our little bike rider.

The next morning this note was left for Dave on the table:

Now off to learn how to tie shoes and do up buttons…

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  1. Ya Lucy!!!!! What a goal setter and a great inspiration that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. No matter what the future holds, she has the determination to learn anything and do anything. Way to go Lucy!!!

  2. Way to go Lucy and seriously what a great Dad Dave is! It warmed my heart to see him running by her side, and what a cute note…

  3. Loved seeing the joy on these kids' faces! I have to say that note was the cutest ever….and that's saying a LOT! That girl is one great note writer and now bike rider!

  4. Oh my how I love Lucy's note! She is a precious girl! And you should send the picture from the teacups in to Disney – it looks straight out a commercial!
    XO ~ Katie

  5. That video of Dave helping Lucy rise her bike is so gosh darn cute. The patience from both of them to get her to where she's at is awesome!

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