Gosh, this day has run away from me, but I wanted to come here quick before the weekend hits in full force.

First, let’s talk about my brother Josh.

I adore him.

And it was his birthday this last month (we have a slew of January birthdays!).

I love that we get to live close to this one brother of mine. I love that he joins us most Sundays for Sunday dinner. I love that he is so patient with me. I love that he has figured out a new way to keep our family connected (a group email for updates among other things). I love that he is the most incredible teacher a kid could ever ask for (and I still kick myself I didn’t transfer my kids to his school at least for 3rd grade…things were so chaotic in those years I couldn’t even fathom figuring out an additional school carpool when we already had multiples, but looking back how I wish I could do a “re-do” on that one!).

I love that he teaches me so many things. From photography to electronics to the beauty of the universe (he knows so much about it and has taught me so much about faraway galaxies and the beauty of astronomy, and will show us the intricacies of planets and stars without end with his telescope).

Josh is also the one responsible for this new blog design, and it makes me happy to come here to write.

Also, Bo thinks Josh is the best thing since sliced bread and Josh is so kind to take her for us when we go out of town.

Anyway, we celebrated that brother of mine on the big day…

…in two different shifts since both girls couldn’t be here at the same time for cake and ice cream.

Lucy had had an invite to go with some friends to the temple. She doesn’t get to do things with friends as much as she wishes she could (everyone is so busy these days), so this was extra special for her. And for her mother. (I’m sure all mothers out there can relate…you want so much what your kids want, and that want is so strong and compelling it pulls at your heart in ways you never knew it could.)

So it made me so happy to see all these pictures come in through all their group messages (I get to be in messages with Lucy’s friends:).

Some of the cutest girls in all the land right there.

Love this one more than I can say.

I think it is so beautiful when kids decide to take time to go to the temple. I hope they can feel the beauty of that place, and that that is what is magnetizing them to it.

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  1. These are two fabulous people who have added so much to my life! I love Josh so much for all those reasons plus, when he knows what he wants, he figures out to get it! AND Lucy’s progress this year thrills me! She is astonishing!

  2. Happy birthday to Josh! I always love seeing him pop up in your blog ..I know it’s going to be something special and I love that he’s so close to your family. I know his support means so much to your children and all his other nieces and nephews! Here’s to another trip around the sun!

  3. Thank you for the kindness and love for Lucy that was shared in these comments that got deleted. Sending love right on back!

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