Thanks for all the great ideas on the last post…keep them coming because we changed our interview to Tuesday so I can gather my thoughts a little more on the issue.  So much to think about raising kids and balancing ourselves in this technological world of ours!
For today though, let’s head to the lake (the desert lake we live by…not Bear Lake…that is coming soon).  
Because I wish I were there right this second!
Every once in a while we get to the lake to beat the blasted heat of summer here in the desert.
You’d think we’d go more often with a lake about 30 minutes away, but it’s tricky to find time to get over there!
Luckily this time we went this summer we had a pro cousin come with us to help show us how it’s done:

She is kind of camouflaged with those rocks up there, but man, she knows how to wakeboard.

Our kids are learning so they were excited for some tips from Jaylee.

Loved having Dave’s brother with us too to show us the ropes.

We kept trying to get Lu to bring her toes in but she liked them sticking right out into the water.

Love these sisters.

Jaylee also showed us the art of the “surfing-shoulder-ride.”

So grace was dying to try it with Claire too…
They get up together, then Claire wraps around back:

…and climbs up on her back:

And voila!  Instant joy on those faces!

Jaylee also helped Lucy gain a lot of confidence on the tube.  Oh boy did she ever keep a big smile on that thing the whole time!

Jaylee, you rock as much as lake days do!


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