Our puppy is still wrecking havoc in our home here and there.  She seems to know exactly how to press our buttons sometimes, but she’s still a puppy so we have to give her a little bit of a benefit of the doubt.

And we love her.

This kind of thing makes my heart swell for her more than ever:

Lucy has trained her…or she has trained Lucy, not sure which…to walk pretty great with her leash.

And at a time where Lucy needs a great companion, she’s proving to be just the girl for her.

And that makes me so happy.

This is our favorite thing she does:

Seriously it is the funniest business around.  How do dogs know to get in that position when they get in a car?

Can you tell how much Bo is loving this hug?


Here’s a better one.

Oh yeah, just a girl and her dog.

Every time we walk, Lucy heads into school, her cheeks slathered with kisses from Bo and Bo whines and yelps and pulls because she just wants with all her heart to accompany that Lu of hers into the school.

Yes those walks to school were awesome until this week when I swear it was 185 degrees while we were walking…

She provides some pretty great entertainment for these older girls too:

Even Dave, though he grumbles and rolls his eyes, has a secret soft spot for this dog of ours.
…at least some of the time!

Many people have asked where we got her and from which breeder.  We got her in Utah through Goldendoodles Utah (here) and Kristen (the owner) was awesome to work with.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend.  But in this case, I’m saying a dog is a girl’s best friend because that little portrait above says it all 🙂


  1. She is Such a cute puppy. We love our dog too and she still knows how to push our buttons as well. She is four years old and knows it's wrong but still gets into the bathroom garbage anytime we leave and forget to close the door. She has been so good for our family and they have a way of finding a place in our hearts.

  2. I've always loved dogs hanging out the window! They seem so carefree. I would recommend considering a pet restraint system. Just last week, I saw a dog leap out of a vehicle as it was moving and get killed by a passing car. It was horrible. I occasionally pet sit and have bought myself one.

    1. That is so sad! There is always someone holding on to her tight in the car, but we should really get one of those pet restraints too just to be sure.

  3. A student of mine also had a puppy who jumped out the window of their family's moving vechicle. 🙁 Just a warning as I'm sure that puppy is loved so much!

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