We went on a walk right before Christmas and our neighborhood was so aglow with beauty I could hardly stand it.

Specifically one row of tall trees filled up with golden glory took my breath away.

I vowed to come back and enjoy them with my girls before those leaves vanished for the rest of the winter.

And then, suddenly, it was after Christmas and as we crunched through the piles of golden leaves that were strewn across our neighborhood, I realized in horror that my row of trees were probably shedding their gold.

So the girls and I hopped on our bikes and headed over lickety-split.

Much to my chagrin, that row of trees so recently heavily-laden with pure Fall gold were hanging on to the last few beauties.

But guess what? They were still pretty beautiful.

Or was it my subjects who were willing to have me work on my photography skills with them??

See that row of trees behind them? Yep, pretty sparse. But I’ll take it!

I love these willing subjects of mine. This doesn’t happen often, so I was eating it up (I’m determined to brush up on my photography skills in 2021).

I love how they love each other:

(At least most of the time.)

And how they love their dog.

And there you have it:

A beautiful desert evening filled with sisters, a dog, and barely-clinging-on gold.

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