My sister-in-law’s sister is an amazing artist.

She does these sculptures of Christ that are quite breathtaking.

Go check out my favorite one in the center of this page:

This year she is offering some glass etched ornaments made with images from her works.

I have no idea if it’s too late to order them in time for Christmas or not, but if you’re interested check out her website here:

I love things that bring more “Christ” into Christmas so I thought I’d share.
If you’re like me and scrambling to get Christmas stuff done, here’s a list of Christmas ideas to help get your creative gift-giving juices going too:
(It’s a list of our favorite things.)


  1. She is your sister in law? Her First Vision sculpture was in the City Creek Deseret Book for a while and I would go stare in awe every time I was down there. She has remarkable gift!

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