While at the lake while Elle and Carson were in town, Lucy let me know she was going to surf.

It was not a question, she was doing it.

She is determined about a lot of things these days, and some of them make her churn with moodiness.

But this?

This was pure magical sunshine the whole time.

For real.

After cheering everyone else on like nobody’s business…

That girl tried to get up like 25 times with a giant smile on her face.

And guess what? SHE GOT UP!


Sure, it wasn’t for very long, but she got up.

And that was pretty special for all of us.

This is how she felt about it:

Yep, this girl is going places, that’s for sure.

Sure love your grit, my Lucy girl!!

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  1. Hi Shawni! I just wanted to tell you I met your sweet daughter in law Abby at church today while I’m here visiting in Utah. I recognized her and adorable Murphy and just had to say hello. It was fun and she is darling and so kind. Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for years!

  2. Might you have hammered the saying “When you master the seemingly impossible…” into her? 😉

    She is *so* impressive! I remember how often you consoled yourself that her stubbornness will get her places and it really does.

    Also, blue really suits her. It’s such a pretty contrast in her skin.

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