I’m excited because tomorrow night is our Relief Society Christmas gathering.

And I love to gather with these women I love, especially at Christmas-time.

Each year we come up with a little gift for each woman.

Last year we gave them olive wood spoons with a special message attached about (back HERE).

This year we wanted to give a gift that linked into the story we are going to share (it is SO GOOD, I’ll share it soon!)

So after lots of thought and deliberation, we came up with this:

We found these awesome tiny olive wood bowls on Etsy (I’ll come back and link):

I love the significance of olive wood.

Aren’t they so beautiful?

The women can use them for rings or jewelry or for a “pinch bowl” for cooking.

Which gave us the idea to add a little bit of natural salt:

Since salt, after all, is a symbol of Christ.

This is the note we came up with to explain:

So this morning we sat together and put them all together:

There is one SUPER creative woman in our congregation who got all the supplies ready for us to wrap. She is amazing! Look at this awesome ribbon:

How I adore these good women I get to work with!

Got them all ready to go for tomorrow night.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is looking for similar sorts of gift ideas!

Sentimental gifts are my favorite.

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  1. Sentimental gifts are my favorite too! I love this. And anything symbolic that reminds me of Jerusalem and Jesus. 🙂 Lovely and heart sent.

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