A few years ago my nephew (my older sister Saren’s son) brought his new girlfriend up to meet us all at Bear Lake.

We all fell in love with her and this summer, to kick off our family reunion, (and kind of for us to come full circle since this is where we met her), those two got married right there overlooking that “thin-place” lake of mine.

It was an incredible wedding.

Incredibly filled up with so many celebratory ideas and also with the work it took to make them come to fruition. Phew!!

Creating a beautiful lakeside wedding

First of all, get a village of people to help you. Luckily there was a TEAM of helpers. And when I capitalized “team” I really meant it. Maybe we should call it an army actually.

Because we have 54 people on our side of the family and I think my sister’s husband Jared has 76 in theirs (yes, that is true…there are nine kids in both of our families and Jared’s family is a few years ahead of ours). And that isn’t even including Lexy’s family who were the masterminds of this whole deal. They are amazing.

I wish I had more pictures of the set up because boy howdy. There were truckloads and more truckloads of things brought to set everything up, people moving and ironing and fixing and arranging all day.

But then there we were, the chairs set up, the altar area all beautifully adorned with flowers, a bride and groom ready to go (after losing the ring for just a minute through the slats of the porch, causing a little stress, but successfully fishing that thing out:

Phew again!)

The guests began to arrive.

Carson’s face is showing how excited we were when Max and Abby arrived:)

Awwwww, REUNITED feels so good!

Oh wait, gotta get Lu in there too:

There we go.

(MISSING Grace and Claire!)

My brothers did a great job being the Masters of Ceremonies:

The wedding party came in to wait for the bride:

Along with the mothers and Jared:

My heart reached out to Saren in the eye of the prep “storm,” knowing how it feels to let a son go, but also to welcome a new daughter. So many emotions, and I felt so happy I could sit on the grass in the shade with Dave and one of Charity’s babies and my two married couples and just be overcome with how this works, this business of letting children fly.

My Dad did a beautiful job officiating:

And it was also incredibly beautiful to hear those vows and feel the love between all these extended families joining together to adore and celebrate.

And then they were married!


Oldest and youngest grandkids celebrating:)

As much of our family as we could get:

Darling flower girls:

And prettiest light:

The wedding party went down to take pictures in that gorgeous light:

…While the rest of us ate:

Cutest ring-bearers:

And THEN the dance party began:

Oh there was some serious fun to be had on that dance floor I tell you!

Then those two were off.

And the sparkler party kept on going 🙂

Happy Wedding Lexy & Ashton!! Love you guys forever!

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  1. WOW! What a gorgeous, joyful wedding! What a glowing couple! Including Ashton’s very large family was clearly a top priority for them. I think it’s so great that everyone, including Grandfather, was there to support this couple even if the ceremony was different from what many in the extended family choose for themselves (Temple wedding etc).

    I see that in the comment section of Shawni’s previous post the “modesty police” have came out to play again. Too bad. Restrictions on how women and girls dress reflect a controlling, patriarchal society. Why else does anyone care?!?! When women use social pressures to “enforce” these rules they are repressing other women and should think long and hard about what is inspiring them to do so.

    Anyways, love the photos of all the of the glowing cousins. I found the one with Lucy + her similarily aged girl cousins and the one of the blong ring bearers especially striking. I”m betting the ring bearer one will be all over pinterest!

    1. Yep it’s like the Taliban all worried about what a woman is wearing and judging their relationship with God according to their own standards.

    2. Thanks for these thoughts. I agree that what someone wears is their own business and that Lexy looked beautiful!

      1. Agreed on both points. It’s their own business, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. The question was, did LDS change their modesty standards, or is the couple, or just the bride – no longer LDS? Is that not a fair question, considering the families obviously are LDS… wondered if the kids had left? No problem if you don’t want to answer – but don’t act like you can’t believe the question was asked… come on, now…

        1. I think the “fair question” would be to ask “Is this couple Christ like, kind, loving and good?” And the answer to that would be “YES”. I know this couple very well and their families and you would be hard pressed to find anyone more Christ like and full of goodness. Comments like this are not Christ like and are very hurtful. The greatest commandment we are given is to love one another and that is not done with comments like this.

        2. It. Is. None. Of. Your. Business.
          Womens underwear is none of your business.
          Someones relationship with a religion/ spiritual power is none. of. your. business.
          Its mind boggling to me we still need to have these dialogues to nip people like you in the butt.
          We need to stop equating someone in one freaking nutshell of “should do” just because of their “religion.”

          The wedding was incredible and I’m so happy that the culture of the LDS church has shifted to these happy celebrations in any form they take on. I would say it was the best thing to come out of 2020 – hah! 🙂

          All in good timing to each and every one of us, wherever we may be. All in good time.

          1. First off, I doubt you are THE Charity. Nice try, but the capital letters gave you away. Plus she’s not that rude.

            And FYI, when a public blog written by a woman who identifies herself first and foremost by her religion – as do her siblings and parents – a question about the choice of wedding dress at one of the family members’ wedding is not a rude question.

            All someone would have to say is”yes, Ashton’s bride is not a part of the LDS church, so the modesty standards don’t apply to her”. There is no need to be so rude and mean to me – someone who is a bit surprised by the style of dress.

            It is a happy celebration, for sure! But the standards of dress would apply anywhere to any type of celebration, not just a temple wedding, correct? You only have to be modest in a religious setting, not in every day life? I doubt that, but a good loophole if one chooses to use it.

  2. Really beautiful, what a lucky couple! Love their flowers matching with the attendants’ dresses!!

    I’m curious about the officiating part … did your dad have to get a JoP license or some kind of “internet preacher” certificate in order to officiate? Or did they have a courthouse wedding for the government and this is separate from that? I remember he also married Elle and Carson, right?

    1. Yes my Dad got a license in order to officiate. And yes, he married Elle and Carson as well. I think he had to do two separate licenses for these weddings but I think it’s surprisingly easy to do.

  3. is there any way that you could send me ashby white bread recipe. I always just go to your website to get it and the link isnt working. thank you !!

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