Oh man, I completely spaced posting a link to my guest post over on Kristen Duke’s blog last week. She did an “around the world” week featuring travel from different bloggers all over the world. I contributed snippets of our time in Asia over here: http://www.kristendukephotography.com/travel-around-the-world-to-asia/ 

Check out the other posts. I’ll admit some of them make me drool a little bit ;). 


  1. I was watching the Travel Channel this last week and a show called "21 mind blowing escapes". Angkor Wat was number one! Monument Valley, Utah and Grand Canyon, AZ were on the list as well. Your children should be proud they have seen these places !!! Your pictures and the Travel Channel's information on Angkor Wat made me have a desire to see more of the East. I have been more of an armchair European and American traveler. So much to see and history to learn right here so I didn't pay much attention to the Eastern history. Quite interesting!!!!

  2. Hey there, just finished reading the amazing blog post of travel around the world to Asia. It's indeed an excellent blog post. I just like the nice images you guys have captured during that wonderful trip.

    Thanks for sharing such fantastic travel experience out here.


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