Hello to my mother’s (& our) lovely 71toes internet friends, this is Elle.

Carson & I have quite the year ahead of us. 🙂 Carson got accepted to 6 different externships as he is closing his time in podiatry school out here in Miami. Each externship is one month long, each in a different area, in a different program, all of which could potentially turn into our residency for the next 3 years (!!!).

It is all pretty wild figuring out the programs & accepting, & now here we are, in charge of finding our accommodations when we move to each of these areas. As we began to dive into the logistics, we thought what better place to hear from people who either live in these areas or know good areas within them, than a place like the 71toes community. I (Elle) got so much love & help when I was working to find an internship for my Junior Year of high school & ended up with the best summer of learning (thank you again for that!)

Carson & I are mainly looking for anyone who has an extra room, or is renting in our areas, for a month at a time, so that we can work & Carson can extern, & we can learn about & live in the area that could potentially be our 3 year residency!

Our externship locations are:

May: Los Angeles, CA

June: Palo Alto, CA

July: SLC, UT (we think we have this one covered with all the family there!)

August: Long Beach, CA

September: Brooklyn Heights, NY

October: Hoboken, NJ

We are so so excited to be able to travel to these areas & feel them out to see how we like not only the programs where Carson will be working, but the overall area & experience.

We appreciate any help or information you can offer, whether it is areas that we might like to live in, friends or family renting in those areas, & any connections with wards/churches/communities.

Thank you in advance from both of us!

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  1. No connections to any of these areas unfortunately, but I just have to say – wow! What an exciting adventure ahead!

  2. Well that is SO exciting for them! And also – man, that’s kind of a hassle, the month here, month there, etc. Good luck to them!

  3. Have you looked into the Listing Project? They send out weekly newsletters with apartment sublet listings in NYC/NJ. I believe they also have listings for CA cities as well.

  4. I don’t live in the US, but just wanted to say: sounds amazing! I’m sure the logistics will feel somewhat stressful, but what an amazing opportunity! I hope it will all work out (it will) and am so excited for you. (What a great time to be living in the east coast! You’ll get to enjoy the fall season. Also nice you’ll have a chance to spend time with family in SLC.) Good luck and enjoy it all!

  5. My parents live in Carroll gardens, Brooklyn and have an Airbnb on the top floor of their house. They might be able to do a longer term thing- if you’re interested email me and I can get you in touch with them. They’re long term members of the Brooklyn Stake so can explain the commute to church, etc.

  6. How exciting! Those will be fun places to explore. Palo Alto is a favorite of mine—we used to travel there frequently for medical appointments. While I don’t have any rental contacts in those areas, my daughter and son-in-law interned in Dallas last winter and discovered Airbnb gave them the best bang for their buck when it came to short term accommodations. You can search for short-term rentals on there. They found a really cute place to stay in a nice area that was far cheaper than a short-term leasing option at regular apartment complexes. They’ve also sublet out their Provo apartment when doing internships or summer jobs. You might check on some student housing boards in those areas to look for people in similar situations who will sublet.

  7. My husband and I have been using the below company for our nomadic life over the last year, and with some flexibility, it’s been working really well for us. I know a lot of traveling nurses use it, too. I’m posting a referral link below and would be happy to answer questions, too, if you have any!

    Hi! Join Landing and unlock flexible living. Book your first reservation and put in my code Kat_kh2 at checkout. Once you move in, we both get $250 in credit.

    Download the Landing app and browse fully furnished apartments across the country: https://hellolanding.page.link/Zi7X

  8. By the way, is anyone else having trouble with subscriptions? I fill in the info but am not receiving the click on part in my e-mail box.

    I’m not sure why this is happening.

      1. Hi Shawni,
        Thank you.

        Yes, it usually does but for some reason this isn’t happening at all at the moment.

  9. Wow! Sounds like quite the adventure, but no better time than when you’re young! Curious about residency- can they choose any of those locations after externship, or does it just depend on which has a position available? And if for any reason they didn’t feel drawn to any of those, would they be able to apply anywhere else? Or it has to be one of those? Your son in law is surely quite busy but it would be very interesting to hear from him and your daughter about this whole process and what it’s entailed for each of them.
    Wishing them luck on this journey! I don’t know of any short term housing, but if they end up in NY I have lots of friends there who can recommend lots of activities! Also may be worth getting in contact with the local stakes in each of these locations and asking around- surely someone local will have a lead!

  10. We did this not too long ago. We got a hold of the wards in the areas we went to and asked for help with housing. One older gentleman, whos wife died a year before and lived alone, had a very large home and let us have the entire upstairs to ourselves…for free. So nice. Another time we reached out to the residency and they set us up in an apartment where all of the externs stayed. Definitely talk to the directors of the residency they can help. Another we stayed with friends. We did all of our externs with two kids so it was a little more challenging. If they have any questions about school/residency/jobs just ask. My husband is a podiatrist in Peoria, AZ so we have gone through it all.

  11. My son is just finishing up his year of externship for podiatry and found housing using AirBnbs with widely varying levels of success. Good luck to the future doctor and family!

  12. Where in the LA Area are you hoping to be close to? I have quite a few family and close friends who could perhaps help out that are spread out thru the area.

  13. Hi there! I live in Menlo Park, right next door to Palo Alto. It is super expensive but there is a large Mormon community and I know a ton of people who have guest houses on their property. I would try to reach out thru the church, mostly because the short term rental market/air bnb here is insane! I do have a feeling you will love Palo Alto though, its pretty amazing!

    Good luck

  14. Hi! I live in LA and have a guest house you could use for May. I’m a pediatrician and I remember how stressful (but exciting!) it was to interview and search for residencies. Best of luck! Happy to tell you more about my family and the space – I’m putting in my email below.

  15. We have accommodations in Salt Lake, but I know that is covered. Best to you in the many areas you go. I spent a summer in the Palo Alto many years ago. I am sure you will enjoy it! The Stanford Singles ward was awesome. I spent 2 summers in New Jersey. Oh, how I missed the mountains when I was away from Utah. Enjoy all the places you go, there is so much to see!

  16. Let me also add…While in Palo Alto I would recommend Muir Woods just north of San Francisco. They are beautiful and peaceful. I heard someone say one time The Sacred Grove of the West.
    While in New Jersey and New York if you are able to take a quick trip to the Boston area. We went over spring break. Drove through the surrounding states including Vermont to Joseph Smith’s birth place. Enjoy!

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