Before we get to our own Halloween festivities, let’s take a gander on over to what the big kids were for Halloween:

Max and Abby were the guys from an old movie called Garden State, which I loved, because Dave loves that movie:

Elle and Carson were bikers:

Grace was a variety of things…a scary doll and Coraline to name a few (is it bad that I didn’t even know who Coraline was??):

Claire had a variety as well, including Charlies Angels and the Queen of Hearts, even though she missed most of the hoopla because she was traveling with the volleyball team until Sunday:

(Which is so interesting since she sent me a few pictures from “on this day last year” where we were in NYC for her college recruiting tour, when we “missed” Halloween because our flight was cancelled.)

More on that back HERE, so crazy how fast time flies and where a year can take you!

Love these blue-haired girls…do you even think they look like sisters??

Claire and her volleyball team:

Ok, now let’s come back here on the homefront.

We had our traditional chicken corn chowder (our neighbors came too as per tradition but we were all on different time schedules). I love these two!

We set up our little trick-or-treating station at the end of our street:

Lucy dressed up as “Tris Prior” from Divergent again (last time was HERE), and we took the tandem bike over through our old neighborhood so she could hang with these girls for a little bit:

Oh the memories that are filled up in my heart in that old neighborhood!

But our new neighborhood is pretty great too. I love that different friends will come just hang out with us here all evening on Halloween. It’s the only time we really get to hang out with some of them…love when there’s something built in to slow down life a tad bit.

Jo and family as well as Josh came over after they were done in their new neighborhood:

These guys are good at Halloween!

And it was a good night.

Then it was ON TO NOVEMBER!

Just a little snippet of Halloween because I want to remember how our house looks leading up to that day:

(That is Brooke Romney’s book up there…one of my FAVORITE things! You can find it HERE.)

Brooke Romney has a SECOND manners book which is equally as awesome as the first…love that it sits here next to the dinner table so we can check out new manners every now and again…you can find the second volume HERE.

That table up there turned into this for November:

Other November additions:

A few more…

…and today our traditional Thankful Tree goes up.


My favorite time of the year.

Happy November 2nd, everyone! (and also happy birthday today to my brother Noah who I adore).

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