My mom has been struggling with a bad knee for years. So finally a few weeks ago she gave in to all the pain and had a total knee replacement surgery. We were all mixed with excitement and nervousness for her. It’s a big-deal surgery but my Dad, true to form, got the best doctors on the job and she is making such a great recovery.

I jumped at the opportunity to go help her in the recovery process. I mean, with a woman like my mother, you don’t get opportunities to serve her much so you better seize them when you can! She’s always serving everyone else.

It was a big plus that I got to hang with my sisters who live there and my Dad too.

Love, love loved being a little part of that whole healing process: my mom, the benevolent, loving and always-grateful patient, my Dad, Saren and Saydi so aware and careful. Loved learning the ropes of changing the ice machine and the timing of the pain medication, loved helping with the physical therapy three times a day and sleeping with my mom to help her with what she needed at night.

Loved that there were some added benefits:

1) being there to sneak off on a tough early-morning hike through rain and partial hypothermia (ha!) with Saren and Saydi. Missed all the other sisters but soaked all that beauty in enough for everyone!

It was POURING by the time we got to the top and it got cold and we were drenched and I could hardly feel my fingers and arms by the time we got down…

…100% worth it though…

2) Snuck out with Saren one of the nights to see some creative get-ups since it was the “FanX” convention downtown that weekend:

3) Non-stop talking and thinking and learning, and even helping my mom maneuver her walker to have her first night out for dinner to continue all that talking:


caught her in mid-sentence there but look at that lady just walking around only days after getting a new knee!

4) Got to run down and see my married kids and their new apartment (as well as Abby as a new blonde!):

Got to talk for a little over acai bowls and smoothies before I had to run back, and those guys had to get to a volleyball dinner.

5) Loved going to my parent’s downtown ward in such a beautiful old building and a walking through temple square with Saren en route back home.

6) Got to stop by Saydi’s house for a second and give her kids hugs.

7) Got to have dinner all together with Max and Abby joining us too:

I love how my mom listens. One of her many beauty talents.

8) Of course, cookies. When Eyres get together they are a must. And we had some good ones.

9) Hanging with my Dad too. He had to be out of town for a little, but loved being with him when he was there.

10) Watching that leg get stronger every single day, and helping my mom who was working her heart out with her physical therapy.

We’ve been FaceTiming since I got home and I love watching the progress. Now she’s walking around without even crutches.

What a woman. I’m the luckiest to call her mine.

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  1. My best to your mom! I’ve had knee-replacement, and the recovery is NO JOKE. When they say it takes up to a year for full recovery, it really does. Tell your mom that as better as it will feel 3, 4 and 5 months out–she’ll be surprised how it’ll feel after 9-12 months! Hoping she experiences nothing but the life-changing positive outcome I’ve had from doing mine.

  2. Hope your mom continues to get stronger!

    I really like that you have a “heart” button on the new format. Lots of times I don’t really have a comment, but love your posts; and I had trouble posting comments a lot on your old format anyway. Sorry for the ramble, just love that new feature and love your blog. I’ve followed since Lucy was a baby. 💕

  3. My mom had her knee replaced a few years ago. It was a new side of her to see her diligence in working on her physical therapy. She has always been strong about housework and yardwork, but never exercise. She is 80 and was about 77 when she had it done. I was not able to help much cause I don’t live nearby, but my sister was in the shower with her which was over and beyond my abilities and my dad is not a great caregiver. He is great in gory emergencies, but not the nitty-gritty. She will likely be doing great with her new knee soon.

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