It’s not too late to share a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. in his honor, right? I hope not because it’s a good one:)

But first, there’s a backstory to why this hit so beautifully to me. You see, a couple friends and I hiked a mountain to start the day off yesterday.

Gosh the desert is gorgeous right now!

We stood there on the top of that mountain, sun slanting through the “jumping cacti,” after huffing and puffing up the gravely path.

And instead of turning around and coming right back down, we stood in that glorious winter morning sun and talked deep about purpose and mothering and “what God has in store” or expects of us (as spurred by a question my brother brought up on a zoom family call on Sunday). Does God “expect” things from us, really? Do we have a specific purpose we’re supposed to find in this life, catered to us and our unique talents? Is it our job to just live life to the very best of our abilities? Or are we supposed to push harder? Do we do things because we know they’ll bring us joy and fulfillment in the long run? Is it for God that we do them? Or is it for our own joy, which really means they’re for God because they bring fulfillment? And what do we, as mothers, teach our children about all this business? How much do we push them? How much do we let them find their own fulfillment?

Oh that’s a messy recapitulation of all we talked about, but I loved talking deep on the top of that mountain, and pondering, as I often do, what kinds of things are most important for me, personally, to be doing right now in my life. I actually have much more to say about one specific story we talked about from a story I brought up from the book I’m reading, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

For now, I just want to share the quote my friend sent to us later on in the day in honor of our conversation:

Thank you, Martin Luther King, for that beauty.

I’m still trying to find out how He will “show me,” trying to “Hear Him” in every way I can as encouraged by our Prophet, President Nelson, so beautifully over the last year.

And perhaps I will always be asking.

Perhaps what I can do to lift and learn and grow will always be shifting and changing.

But I’m so grateful I CAN ask.

And that Martin Luther King asked.

And so grateful to be able to talk about it all on the top of a mountain yesterday.

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  1. I feel like I comment n your blog an absurd amount for not actually knowing you lol. But your words have been speaking to me so much over the last year, this post included! My word of the year is “Purpose” and I’ve been asking myself a lot of those same questions.

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