My family and I are each writing up a little list of our own personal questions we are wrestling with.

Because we all have those, right?

Those little things we wonder: How can I help so-and-so? How can I find peace in this trial? How can I learn to be more forgiving? How can I up my own personal communication with God?

The lists go on and on for me.

I have some pretty specific things I am wrestling with at the moment.

But I love the thought of taking a PAUSE.

A pause from the hustle and bustle of life, and really seeking answers.

There is something so beautiful about stillness, and taking time.

Time to think about life. How it’s going. How it CAN go.

SO, this weekend is the perfect time to reflect on these questions we’re writing down because it’s GENERAL CONFERENCE TIME!

As we write down our questions we are preparing our hearts to receive the answers and guidance we are seeking.

“We will find what we’re looking for.”

I’m a big believer of that.

I cannot wait.

All kinds of information on how to connect and watch HERE.

EVERYONE is so very welcome and you can watch from home on your couch, on the go while driving your car, you name it, you can catch it.

So join us if you can. We can talk about answers here on Monday if anyone is willing to share 🙂

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