When I saw these beautiful olive wood spoons at Trader Joe’s last year I fell in love with them and thought they’d be a great little gift idea. I gave them to a few friends for Christmas.

beautiful olive wood spoons lined up together

You see, there is something about wooden spoons that gets to me. I guess any kind of beautiful wooden utensils. They are just so beautiful. (I collect wooden salad tongs if I can find them from any random place I go, and Claire and Elle have both brought me home some favorites from trips that I adore.)

So of course, when I saw those spoons I figured others would love them too.

I think olive wood is such a beautiful symbol of Christ after all that olive wood I saw when I studied His life in Jerusalem with olive wood on every corner.

And spoons are a beautiful symbol of service as they are used to serve those you love. (And sometimes those you might be trying to love;)

So as a presidency in the Relief Society we decided they were the best gift idea to give to the women in our church congregation for Christmas this year.

wrapping up our wooden spoon gift idea to give as gifts for Christmas
wooden spoons with thought attached
gift idea tag with Christmas thoughts attached to the wooden spoon

Just thought I would share. I also recently shared our sentimental birthday gift that we shared with the Relief Society.

**Note: If you’re interested in doing something like this, check with Trader Joe’s early in the holiday season. They will let you know when their shipments will come in. Then you can go snag them right when they arrive before they’re sold out.

Happy weekend!


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      1. Shawni, found your site 71 toes I was wondering how I can order the Olive Wood Spoons, I’m trying to keep Christmas simple this year . I have alot of friends in my church I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Can you help find the order form for these spoons
        so I can order them Thank- you Ginger

        1. You can get these spoons at Trader Joe’s. They are seasonal so I’d recommend asking when they come in and be ready to buy right when they get there! (That’s what I did;)

    1. I’m so sorry I don’t have a pdf, my friend who was working with us last Christmas made it and she cleaned out her computer and doesn’t have it any more. I hope you can find something online that will work! Good luck!

    1. Dang I’d so love if I had this to share! I’m sure there are so many things online that could work, like I said above, come back and let us know if anyone finds something great!

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