We accidentally matched on the day of Lucy’s piano recital.  

And I wanted to share that picture in the midst of trying to sort through so many wedding prep pictures (that I’ll try to post tomorrow) because of three things:
1)  Look at that smile.  Oh boy, that girl is just a light.  She reminds us that her name actually means “light” (Latin origin) on a regular basis…she wishes our family “theme” were still the “Be the Light”… one from a couple years ago (we just introduced the new one for this year and she was lamenting a little).  But all that is aside the point…basically I just wanted to point out that pretty smile.  Because sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle of pre-teenagerhood and BBS, and I love when it comes out.  
2)  I need to weave in the younger girls here in the spotlight because there’s a LOT coming about Max and Abby 🙂  
3)  There’s something in Lucy’s mentality that makes her a performer.  Not an enthusiastic and dramatic one, but one that has no problem just standing (sitting in this case) up in front of people and doing exactly what she’s practiced.  No mistakes, no added excitement, no frills, she just goes up there and plunks out those tunes with no mistakes, stands up and looks at the crowd with a mini bow and sits right on down.

I love it.

Love you Lu!

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  1. Okay–I have been following you for years! Where are the LOTS of wedding pictures and reception pictures? You post more pictures about volleyball and making cookies than a Wedding. Waiting over here 🙂

    1. Ha! Believe me, they're coming! We don't have the pictures back from the photographer yet and it's taking me forever to go through the pictures my sister took as kind of out-takes from the wedding. But I'm anxious to share soon! 🙂

  2. Lucy is such a gift! I love to see the way she interacts with her siblings. Those hugging phots are my fave! Her artwork is such a joy to look at. I adore those bright colors that just emit happiness. I love how she gets excited about the school events and her no-nonsense glee toward something so intimidating to some but not to her activity such as a recital. No mistakes?! That's amazing!! The whole C.S. Lewis series makes me happy too! Way to go Lucy! You are a light! Thank you! You are a great example to my kiddlets! :D–Melanie

  3. Following you for years here as well. You do an awesome job celebrating each of your children. So sweet you posted about Lucy’s in the midst of Weddingpalooza! So nice to see uplifting and positive parenting. Congratulations and blessing to the newly weds. Hugs!

  4. What an excellent character strength to be able to focus on the task at hand (piano piece) and not get sidetracked by other people! Go Lucy!

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