Ever since Grace returned from her mission we have had little fragments of the family together:

Elle stayed a couple days extra after spring break back in March so that she could be here with us for the grand mission return:

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Max and Abby arrived in the wee hours of the next morning and had a happy reunion with her:

But by then Claire had to leave for a volleyball tournament (and Carson had left long before), and everyone went different directions:

Luckily we got to have Max & Abby with us for Claire’s tournament so we could debrief with Grace for a little bit (back HERE).

Then we were able to get all but Carson together for the 4th of July (luckily our nephew Jake was able to be here in his place:):

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Carson was studying his heart out for his boards exam in Florida on July 7th, so he couldn’t join us until the next day…after everyone else had to take off to get back for work and school (and Grammie Camp for Lucy) before Carson could get there after his boards exam (WHICH HE JUST FOUND OUT HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS BY THE WAY…WOOHOO WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU CARSON!!).

SO close to getting everyone, but just not quite.

Luckily Elle, Carson, Dave and I got to have a little double date for a couple days in California before making the big drive up to Utah:

But my point here is that man alive, it’s tricky to get everyone together when there are nine of you all going different directions. Especially when one is in medical school.

I’m starting to get an even more deeply beloved appreciation for my parents and what they do to gather us each summer.

So finally once we arrived in Utah, Elle and Carson were able to head down to Provo before Bear Lake and have such a happy reunion.

This is an outtake of a video Elle sent that gave me some serious joy:

These three got some quality time catching up down there in Provo..are those the best smiles ever?

Grace even whipped up a delicious bowl at her work for them all to celebrate:


And THEN one by one everyone arrived at Bear Lake.

Suddenly (except not so “suddenly,”) there we were, all nine of us as the reunion festivities started to unfold.

And there is something togetherness after over two years does to the heart of a mama.

Oh yeah, baby. Love these people more than I can say.

It’s true what they say about how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If they were all around all the time would I take that togetherness for granted?

I hope not. But either way, it was a pretty joyous little reunion enveloped into that big Eyre one on the horizon.

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  1. Don’t you love seeing how your own kids are becoming the supportive grownups you are with your own siblings/cousins? My family is just starting this stage – and it’s really neat. I don’t think you would take them for granted if you were all together all the time. But I DO think you would miss all the richness that comes from family going out in separate directions and coming back with so much wisdom and new stories.

    1. It do love watching those relationships blossom. Makes me so happy that they nurture and celebrate being together.

    1. We spent the 4th of July in Newport (a special family spot), and you have to go though Utah to get to Bear Lake (it’s on the Utah/Idaho border).

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