The weather reports in Utah were too good (so much snow!) so we decided we better pack up and head to those mountains that were calling our name over Christmas break.

Poor Lucy had about 45 bloody noses over this Christmas holiday, so try to look away from that in the back seat up there.

Except that now that I mentioned it I’m sure you’re looking.

Claire was quite excited about that road trip and her prospects on the other end:

Sometimes I swear the energy in that girl could move a mountain.

Such beautiful landscape en route to Utah:

Let’s get a better look at that:

There we go.

But it didn’t hold out long:

Dave asked me what in the world a “snow squall” was, I mean, I should be an expert on that stuff after growing up in Utah, right? But I had never heard of that thing before.

And pictures cannot do it justice:

The wind was blowing every which-way and it was pretty scary I have to say, but Dave was a good driver to maneuver us through and we made it!

These guys hit the slopes that first day:

(and had the BEST time!)

And Lu and I hit the beauty of the city with a blanket of fresh snow:

She got to hang with her awesome cousin:

And I got to meet up with my high school friends who I adore:

THEN it was time for me to hit the slopes with everyone else.

Dave was waiting:

And boy! It was beautiful!


And so worth it!

We explored Park City:

Skied again:

And then took Lucy on her dream sledding outing. Her face says it all in this picture:

Oh man, she was in Heaven. Even with a patch of snow on her eyeball.

Often I opt for staying in by the fire rather than getting snow down my boots and freezing my booty off.

But I was reminded this time around what I have been missing out on.

We had the best time out there in that frozen wonderland. Lucy wanted to make Carson into a snow mermaid:

Yep, Lucy still with an eyeball full of snow:)

The two of us just sat there for a while at one point and threw snow in each other’s faces.

I know, doesn’t sound fun, but we loved it.

Love this snow girl.

Loved getting to hang with these fellows before we had to take off…especially getting to meet that new CHRISTMAS PUPPY my sister’s family was surprised with on Christmas morning.

Now four out of the nine kids in our family have dogs. After so many years with none. Nutty.

Love my mama.

And of course, games to round it all off.

How skiing can glue a family together:

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