As I was sending off Max and Elle’s Easter packages I got extra grateful for my friend who’s son is serving in the same mission with Max.

Because, you see, she taught me the art of fully utilizing priority mail envelopes.

And I figured I should share that little bit of great info., because hey, there are people out there who need to mail stuff!

These are just those priority mail envelopes (made of cardstock…you know those ones?):

You can stuff as much stuff as possible in those little puppies weight-wise, as long as the flap can actually attach to the other side.

So my friend taught me to flatten out the corners and turn them over and tape them (make them kind of like a box) to get more in.

…and tape them up a whole bunch. 
You can fit quite a bit in those suckers, and it’s something like $6.95 to get them to Hawaii, more overseas, but still better than a box.  
There you go.  Just had to share for any frequent-mailers out there:)


  1. I've been shipping overseas a bunch, one son in Italy and another in Japan. There is also a plus for having Amazon prime, free shipping, anywhere! Thanks for this great tip!

  2. I have to ship some medical supplies monthly to my son serving in Ohio, and this is a great tip! I've been using plain boxes, but never thought to use one of those 6.95 envelopes! It will save me some $$. Thank you!!

  3. Here's how to take that one step further…
    Go to and order the LEGAL SIZE priority mailing envelopes. USPS will ship them to you for free (they come in packs of 10). You can mail the legal size envelopes for the same price as the regular ones. That way you can pack in even a little bit more. Woohoo!!! (My son is serving in the Singapore mission and I can mail up to 4 pounds for about $32.

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