When the world was closing in around us last month (the hoopla in May is almost worse than December I have to say), Dave and I snuck off for a little mid-week date.

And it was the best.

We hiked one of our favorite places right at sunset.

We had to race to the top of the mountain to get there in time to see that sun sink.

And believe me, Dave can race up mountains.

Me, not so much.

But I scrambled up that mountain after that guy and we made it just in time.

And man alive, my heart was so full.

Dave was pretty quiet as we went up (I’ve said before, he’s all about the “getting there”), but he was also in deep thought about a couple kids we’ve been trying to figure out.  And he had some pretty great epiphanies as a result.

Hiking is good for the soul, and good for problem solving I tell you!

There’s something about rising above all the “stuff” and looking out at a different perspective that speaks to me.

By the time we reached the bottom we were using our flashlights…

…and felt so happy for that perspective and rejuvenation.
Oh boy I love this world of ours.
And that guy I got to enjoy it with right in the middle of a crazy week.


  1. I think it's great that you keep your children's privacy! Yet I am so curious what your worries are that you have been mentioning. 😉

    1. Me too..I love to hear what other mothers/father's are facing and how they handle situations in their families so we can get ideas to try in our home. Right now I'm in teenage girl territory and its tough. So much tougher than when I was a teen I'm sure. Yes it was hard even that long ago but they face a whole slew of things!

    2. Ha, your curiosity is more noble than mine. I'm just nosey.
      That's actually why I think it's a good thing Shawni doesn't elaborate.

  2. me too!
    i have two teenagers (girl and boy) and the struggle is real!
    i'm more curious as to how they are working to solve these issues.

  3. Oh they are just the regular struggles: how to help them get summer jobs, how to help them in their friendship relationships when needed, Max was making a decision on whether to come home in December or January, Elle is trying to decide on a mission, Claire was trying to figure out some club soccer stuff, Grace was deciding on a summer internship, Lucy had some things going at school that made us worried about her teacher for next year…just all the stuff parenting is made up of. And once they figure these things out, there's always more to figure out whether to push or stay back. It's all a balance and we're always trying to figure it all out!

  4. oh and valerie, I think the main thing we do to work to solve the issues is talk talk talk…to them and to each other but mostly to God. It's so interesting how when I pray hard about specific things, some things start to become clear and fall into place. Grace got a pretty cool answer for her summer internship this summer through prayer…I'll have to talk about that soon, or rather maybe she will! 🙂

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