Little did I know when I purchased this forest-green sweatshirt in the bookstore nestled smack dab in the hustle and bustle of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston one Fall day during my freshman year at B.U. that I would have three girls who would wear that thing until it would be almost threadbare.

Now two of them have surpassed that girl at the Boston University bookstore (me) in their exploration into life.

Sometimes I just think that is so strange. How is it possible they are growing up so fast?

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  1. Love! I had seven fantastic brothers, and I can’t even express how fun it has been to have five little girls of my own!! They are amazing!

  2. It is truly amazing watching my girls (and soon my son too, I’m sure:) Go and do so much with their lives! It makes me so happy to watch them surpass what I was able to do:)

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