Our family friends are serving as a missionary couple in Germany.

They have forwarded a message from church members in Ukraine who asked that it get sent to anyone and everyone they know.

So I am forwarding it to you because I stand with them in the belief that prayer is powerful.

Our friends reported that “refugees from Ukraine have begun crossing from Poland into Germany. Two of the four bridges across the Oder River that separates Poland from Germany are located within a half hour of us (the main one is 5 minutes from where we live). We expect several hundred to remain in Frankfurt Oder, at least temporarily. An estimated 20,000 are headed for the Berlin area.”

My heart is breaking for Ukraine.

I join them today in my fasting and prayers.

And invite you to join along with me.

Here’s the message in German:

Dringend !!!!
Von Vitaly Orlov, Werchowna Rada, Kiew !!! Gerade jetzt !!

Liebe Freunde, Brüder und Schwestern aus verschiedenen Teilen unserer Welt.
Wir wenden uns in dieser für uns alle dunklen Zeit an Sie, wenn schwarze Wolken von den Explosionen die Sonne über unserer Hauptstadt bedecken.
In dieser Nacht werden die Elite-Spezialeinheiten der Russischen Föderation zusammen mit tschetschenischen Einheiten eine der ältesten und schönsten Städte der Welt, die geistige Hauptstadt Osteuropas, die Stadt Kiew, stürmen.
Bereits in Kiew gehen die Straßenkämpfe weiter, zur Verteidigung der Hauptstadt standen alle auf, die Waffen halten können, sogar Rentner, Studenten und Schulkinder.
Die kommende Nacht und das Morgen sind entscheidend, es steht alles auf dem Spiel, woran die gesamte zivilisierte Welt bisher geglaubt und aufgebaut hat. Mit Tränen in den Augen bitten wir Sie, unabhängig von der Zeitzone, all diese Zeit mit Fasten und Beten zu Gott zu verbringen. Bete zum Herrn, dass er uns vor den verrückten Horden beschütze, die den Glauben und die Wahrheit Gottes verspotten wollen.
Bitte senden Sie diese Nachricht an alle Ihre Freunde, Familie und Freunde in Europa, Asien, Amerika und auf der ganzen Welt!

Das Gebet ist stärker als der stärkste Feind🙏🙏🙏!
Mit Liebe und Vertrauen auf den Herrn.
Eure Brüder und Schwestern aus der Ukraine
💙💛 .

And translated into English:

Urgent !!!!

From Vitaly, Orlov, Werchowna, Rada, Kiew!!! Right Now!!

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters from different parts of our world.

We turn to you in what for us is a dark time, as black clouds from explosions obscure the sun over our capital. This very night, elite special forces of the Russian Federation, together with Chechnyan units, are storming one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the world, the spiritual capital of eastern Europe, the City of Kyiv.

Fighting in the streets is already spreading. Everyone who can hold a weapon is standing up to defend our capital, including retirees, students and school children.

Tonight and tomorrow will be decisive. Everything is in play which the entire civilized world has heretofore believed and built upon. With tears in our eyes we plead with you, regardless of where you live, to use this time to bring your fasting and prayers before our Father in Heaven. Pray to Him to protect us from the raving hordes who would mock our faith and God’s truth.

Please send this message to all of your friends, family and friends in Europe, Asia, America, and across the whole world.

Prayer is stronger than the strongest enemy of truth.

With love and trust in the Lord.

Your brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

This is a video recording attached to the email of a group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (BYU Singers) singing in Ukrainian “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

Brings me to tears to listen.

When I was talking to my mom this last week she told me about a news story she watched.

Two commentators were talking about the incredible aid that has been flooding to the countless refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

One of the commentators remarked that there was no big organization or force behind all the service and selfless acts multiplying in so many areas. Then the other commentator told him he was wrong. “There is an organized force behind it all. It is called love.”

I LOVE these messages “sharonsaysso” is putting out over on her Instagram page:

Such wise words.

Let’s multiply our own love any way we can from here in honor of those who are in these deep, dark times.

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  1. So beautiful! I am not very religious, but I believe prayer works – in exactly the way of your post. It is the purest expression of love for ourselves or others, and regardless of divine intervention, that matters. It gives people strength to know that others care about them, brings people together, and helps us focus on what is important.

    1. I so agree. It is such a beautiful power of connection. Oh I so hope they are all feeling that love so many are using all their prayer might to send over!

  2. That’s actually a few combined choirs from BYU singing in solidarity in Ukrainian. So so beautiful. (Reference the byu singers social media).

  3. Chris is correct. I can verify that is the BYU Singers combined with other invited guests singing Come Thou Font in Ukrainian in support of their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. They did this early last week, showing support in a way that they know and can – with their voices. My son is on the front row on the right, sporting blue and yellow, honoring Ukraine. He served his mission in Russia and is keenly feeling the plight of the Ukrainian and Russian people as well.

  4. Oh thank you for the clarifications Chris and Carla! This was sent on a group family email and my brother wrote “This is exactly how misinformation spreads” which is so true! I love that showing of support from the BYU Singers. I’ll have to correct what I wrote in the post.

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