Growing up much of my life in Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats have always kind of fascinated me.  They are the remnants of the ancient Lake Bonneville that was massive.  As it dried up it over years and years, it left these flats.    
I figured since I had my adventurers with me, last week would be a perfect time to go.
They were all on-board for the drive, although it took Lucy a little bit to understand why in Heaven’s name we were driving all that way (a little over and hour and a half from the city) just to take some pictures and turn around and come back (I guess she should know us better by now :).  But even she was pretty excited to run around those things and wonder at that vast expanse of white.
Nothing like a good drive with your girls, especially when all this beauty awaits.
It’s kind of an eerie, surreal type of beauty, because it’s just salt as far as your eye can see.
…all wrinkled with these ripples throughout.  Kind of soft to step on.  And looking like snow.

 Claire was wondering if it was cold when we sent her pictures.

 …and it sure looks like it is, don’t you think?

We just ran around and basked in that unique place as the sun sunk behind the mountains.

We basked in having a little time to do some photography which all of us love.

…until the focus on the camera went wacky.

We were using Elle’s camera and her little 50mm prime lens which suddenly wouldn’t focus.

We tried some manual focus…even that didn’t work too well, something was stuck in that lens, but I still like these fuzzy pics we took trying to figure it out…


 Elle figured it out that we could only take far-away pictures and it would work.

 Good job, Elle belle.

 (we need to get that thing fixed)

Lucy sat and read her book for a little bit while we were figuring all that out, and then came springing over to join us again.

 How I love these beauty/adventure/nature lover/jumpers of mine.

Our shadows crept longer and longer.

 And finally we packed up to slip away, letting those vast expanses of salt blur out around us.

It was a great way to spend the evening 🙂


  1. I've had that happen with my 50mm several times, be sure the manual ring closest to the camera is set to the highest F-stop.

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