Loved “turning the hearts” (Malachi 4:6) this weekend.

First turning hearts “to the children” because my niece Emmeline came to town.

Oh my goodness, she and Lucy are one of my favorite duos and Em got here just in time for Lucy’s choir performance “Night at the Opera” fundraiser at the school. I picked her up at the airport and we went and picked up Lu from school and spent the afternoon prepping for that big choir production.

(Lucy was extra-early-prepped in her choir shoes, ha!)

I was dragging my feet a little on that thing since there was a lot to coordinate, but it was SO good, and Lucy was just pleased as punch that we were all there to support her. (she wrote the sweetest text to Claire, thanking her for taking time out to be there).

The choir kids served us dinner and Em and I enjoyed it all.

…as did these two cheerleaders in the back (left below), and my parents who’s flight was late but still got to town in time to greet her after we were done:

Pleased as punch again:)

Cousins and grandparents are the best!

I also loved turning my heart “to the fathers” (my ancestors) this last weekend.

I have mentioned before that my dad’s dad passed away when he was only fifteen years old.

This is my favorite picture of them not too long before he passed away:

I talked about that Grandpa I never met, but who I feel so endeared to back HERE. I also talked about him back HERE, and talked about the quote from his letter to my dad shortly before he passed away that we have memorized:

I hope God will allow my spirit to be with you. That you will always think and act as God and I would want you to act.

Be honest, upright, strong for that which is right.

Love your fellow men and be tolerant of them.

Never belittle anyone. Most everyone is better than you in some way.

Be kind.

The greatest thought that Christ left on earth is Love

It surpasses everything else. If a person practices love, then everything else takes care of itself.

Grandpa Dean to his son, my dad, the week before he passed away

I love that quote more than I can say and it runs through my mind all the time.

That Dad of my dad had a brother named Vern.

And I wish I had a picture of the two of them together (if I find one I’ll come back and post it).

They would have both turned 100 this year and next, so all their kids planned a get-together to celebrate, which happened to be here at our house since some of the couples live about an hour away from here.

We first learned so much about Uncle Vern from his cousin (who is now almost 90) and had the best stories:

He also told us a lot about Dean and Vern’s parents, Howard and Athalene:

And how my Great Grandpa Howard maneuvered this thing:

It was amazing to be there in the mix with all of Uncle Vern’s kids as well as my dad and his brother Chris and their spouses, and to learn so many things about all these people who have gone before, and who have created such legacies.

I got emotional as I thought about their blood running through my veins and that I get to be related to this army of goodness.

Everyone had a chance to relate some memories:

We had lunch and then all these kids of those awesome brothers celebrated with a cake with 100 candles:

It was a pretty great way to “turn our hearts.” (And also for me to get to know all those good people I get to be related to.)

While my parents were here we stuffed in some other good things too.

We played cards (of course):

When you have a hand this good for “scum,” you have to take a picture…HA!:

Did a little late-night swimming:

Sometimes I just love the view of outside looking in so much:

Not pictured: I got to play the cello & violin with Em & my mom, my Dad got to sit in his favorite spot by our the pool and we hit some tennis balls together. My mom helped me plan for all the hoopla coming up in a couple weeks and came to my conference discussion group at Brynne’s (love), as well as our Emotional Resilience class.

(Oh wait, one tennis pic…)

We celebrated Emmeline’s birthday a day early:

We had Sunday dinner:

On our last day, my mom, Em and I went to Savers to see if we could find anything for Elle’s 80s party coming up, and then we went to the temple open house with Josh en route to the airport.

The sky was so incredibly softly lit up behind the temple, there were no lines, the temperature was perfect.

I can’t think of a better place to wrap up a weekend of “turning hearts.”

(We have the opportunity to do work for ancestors in temples, more on that HERE.)

If you live here in the desert, the open house is going for a few more weeks!

Then we dropped those good people off, to the next adventure, but changed a tad bit because our “hearts were turned” for the better.

More thoughts about “Turning our Hearts” and grandparents:

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  1. I’m a very introverted person—loved being a nurse in a very busy environment and enjoy seeing our friends, but well aware that I craved the quiet of a quiet home to regenerate myself afterwards. Thankfully, my husband and children are also introverts; one daughter more than I am, but one somewhat less so. You, on the other hand (hahaha) are one of the most extroverted people I’ve read about. Do you have any introverts in the immediate family? How would you rank them? Most to least. How do introverted spouses or kids find their way to recharge? I often wish I was more extroverted (I’m not shy, but find all the stimulation needs time to process/leave my head). Was it hard to be an extrovert during Covid?

    1. I am also a very introvert person & have often wondered the same thing about Shawni’s family.

      For me, going on holiday with other family members, & also friends, would really make me so stressed.

    2. Great questions, Lissa. We are all pretty extroverted in my growing-up family except for my brother, who is an introvert. He has recommended some good books to read (The INtrovert Advantage and Quiet) to understand better and it is so good to know the ways different people recharge and work best. He is so good to put up with all of us! I think some siblings are more introverted than others in different things, every personality is so different! I do feel like I’m an extrovert, but I have to say, Covid was a welcome slow-down in life and I loved the slower pace and having all my kids surrounding me here at home.

    1. Yes you absolutely can, I’m so glad you were touched by them as well. So grateful for that man and his wisdom in my life even when I didn’t know him.

  2. I loved noticing the President of the Phoenix Mission in that pic of the sons! He is our area’s mission Pres… I love him and his wife. They are doing wonderful things!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I absolutely adore this post! Thanks for documenting all the “Turing of Hearts” that went on that weekend. You are so incredible. No one but you could get a hand of “Scum cards” like that one useless they were an angel! Ha!

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