We filled this last weekend up with all sorts of things.

Since the weather dipped from 110 to a mere 95 (or something like that), we decided to take these guys on a bike/scooter ride to breakfast.

It was one of those days where the sky is blue and the world is good, and you are out just breathing it all in.

And we all made it, safe and sound, stood in the line that circled out and around the place, ate delicious food.

Lu and I also had the opportunity to clean the church (on the right below), and she had some friends over (more and more difficult as friends have so many varying interests and commitments, so we treasure stuff like that).

Then we got busy cleaning.

I got to introduce Ezra to the magic of “magic erasers” and the two of us went hog-wild cleaning out the garage.

It’s so fun when kids are so excited about working! And we were pretty proud of our “before and afters,” so here you go for a peek, check out these baseboards and walls:

…oh yeah, baby.

We cleaned out corners and drawers and were in such a mode in the house too, which felt so good, and then we swam to celebrate.

We got to go on a little double date with these two while the kids fended for themselves back at home:

Dave and I hit a wedding reception quick and I love when we get to see our kids’ friends and meet their BABIES!

Yow, kids grow up fast!

Speaking of growing up, see these two cousins?

Well, one is attending Harvard now, and the other got to play against Harvard’s volleyball team for the weekend.

Fun to watch from home in between the scrubbing and cleaning.

We didn’t get a picture of those two cousins together (but they did see each other at the game, hooray!), but I did get a few pictures from our dear college friend who lives close-by who showed up to cheer Claire on.

Seriously, how sweet is that that she took the effort to not only go cheer on a Saturday but to make a sign and wait for Claire to meet her after.

I tell you, it’s all about those villages.

Back to our “village” here at home, a little FHE after church:

(What are we going to do when these guys move out some day and we’re down to three???)

Jonah’s famous guacamole and help chopping veggies for dinner:

We had our neighbors over for dinner who we hadn’t seen forever (the couple who live behind us, they are so awesome and also into cars which was fun to get them together with Jonah to bond)…

…then we had all the cousins over who we hadn’t seen in so long.

Love these people SO much and it was so great to have the house filled up with them again.

(Sure missed the ones who live in different states and the ones usually here but who are in Sierra Leone for their mission right now!)

Then to top off the weekend we all stood outside in awe as we watched the natural strobe-light going on. And on and on. It was the coolest sky ever. (Check my instagram story to see it in video.)

Oh wait, to really top it off we get a headstart on Halloween spookiness when we have Jo and Aja’s family living here:

They love Halloween and picked up a couple of these guys who they place in varying locations all over the house.


In other news, THIS IS TOMORROW!!!

(If you search for “In the Arena with the Eyre Sisters” you may even find them today depending on the podcast platform.)

Woohoo! More tomorrow, but we are excited!

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  1. So fun I love it!
    Quick question on college volleyball. First, how stinking fun that she got to go to Harvard!! I love that.
    So my question is, once you achieve that level of playing ( way to go Claire) who pays for the travel of the team for games& tournaments, for example flight & hotels etc. do the parents , the sport teams or the school they play for?
    What a great accomplishment!!

    1. The college pays for all the travel expenses, it’s part of the sports program in college. A pretty incredible experience for Claire, although it sure is a balance to try to get homework done in the midst of all the practices and games! She is learning so much!

  2. Oh that’s so amazing!! Oh I can only imagine the time & dedication she has to put in. How many classes does she have to take? My grace started BYUI today but a handsome young man whisked her off her feet over the spring and she got married 2 weeks ago!!

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