We had a “power” weekend up in the mountains a couple weeks ago with all my sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law on Dave’s side.

Well, it wasn’t even actually a weekend, because we just stayed overnight so we could get back for Father’s Day.

But there is something powerful about women gathering together, even just for short amounts of time.

I mean, just look at these women!

I get to be related to them all!

The only one missing was Virginia, and she was so missed.

There is something so luxurious about extended time together that brings out so many discussions and helps delve deeper into the layers of our lives.

We worked out together:

We played a lot of tennis.

We sat and discussed life by the pool.

We went out to dinner.

And then had to go out for ice cream, of course.

We played more tennis the next day:

(I think I’m semi-ok at tennis until I play against the likes of these ladies…they are all so athletic!)

More talk.

One morning I was there I snuck away to take a morning walk on my own. I just felt physically pulled to get out in nature.

And that was good because I had some pretty deep revelation. I had this distinct thought, “You don’t need permission to shine. Just get to work.” It sounds simple, but it was a big revelation to me. There is so much I want to do with this life!

Also as I walked I listened to a little bit of conference (Christy wanted us to talk about our fav. Conference talks around the pool), I don’t think Elder Eyring actually said these words in his talk, but I stopped and wrote them down from my heart:

“Talk to kids about Jesus. Fill our home with Jesus. The answer to everything is Jesus.”

And also this:

“Invite ancestors to be with your children. And with you.”

I am such a believer that our ancestors can look out for us. And that they surround us during the tough stuff. Or is it just that I have their words running through my head so often I feel them with me?

I was so overcome with my love of the earth and God as I walked through the midst of it that I laid right down on the golf course grass in the speckled shade of a grove of majestic pine trees. Right there on that little hill on the lower right below:

And I just felt God through all that beauty.

I sat and wondered How can we be more lowly in heart? I know it doesn’t mean not to shine, I think it’s talking about humility and meekness. Two of the most beautiful qualities I’m always trying to earn and gain and hold onto. And I love in 1 Nephi 2:19 that is says “thou hast sought me diligently, with lowliness of heart.”

Ok, those are just my ramblings from my moment of stillness.

I need to be still enough to get more of those in my life.

But bottom line is that it was just the time I needed, buoyed up by all those good women I love, and who love me unconditionally.

And as icing on the cake, as we drove home, winding through gorgeous pine tree beauty and still talk, talk, talking, the sky kept killing me with it’s stormy beauty:

Believe me, there are probably 163 other pictures from where those ones came from. I couldn’t stop trying to capture it!

I came home feeling whole, yet wanting so much to strive to be better.

So grateful for those women in my life and their constant examples to me.

Love them forever.

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  1. Hey Shawni! I absolutely love your shirt in this first pic. Any chance you remember where you got it?

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