When I was sixteen years old I was able to receive my Patriarchal blessing.

It’s a special blessing you can choose to receive any time, and it gives guidance and direction from God. And yes, maybe that seems strange to someone who hasn’t grown up in the church, but I am here to say it has been such a beautiful thing in my life. I have referenced it often. It has filled me up with more knowledge that I am a daughter of God and my potential because of that knowledge. It has helped me make important decisions. It has given me comfort.

Well, fast forward all these years to the time when Lucy decided she’d like to get her Patriarchal blessing. She thought over this very carefully and decided she was ready.

She waited specifically for Grace to be home so she could join us.

It just so happened that Lucy was going through a particularly tough time in the days leading up to this blessing. And it almost seems callous to even say “tough time” because there are deep, heart-wrenching things there are no words for. I will never be able to understand how it feels to be losing your vision so rapidly when you are a teenager (the most emotionally strange time of your life without that hanger thrown in the works). When your friends start getting their driving permits and you know you’ll never be able to do that. When your friends are all gaining more and more independence and interest in different things and you are hanging on by your fingernails to do the few things you feel you can do independently. This is Lucy’s story to tell, and I do hope she will tell it at some point. But for now, I will just say this was not an easy time for this daughter of mine.

But spiritually she felt ready to get some guidance from Above.

And we felt so grateful we got to join her.

So grateful for the good man who gave her her blessing. And that we got to envelope her in our love.

And that following the blessing, we got to all be enveloped in God’s love.

Oh, during the blessing we felt it, of course, but loved being immersed in Mother Earth and the sunset and the most incredible fragrance in all the land (orange blossoms…my favorite scent ever) as a follow up.

I believe in the power of Patriarchal blessings. And also that there is power in prayer. If you have any extra prayers lying around, Lucy could use them to get through this phase. Hoping those words washing over her in her blessing from God will help as well.

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  1. Sitting at the dentist waiting for all my kiddos to be seen. They are occupied and so I’m reading. You know how difficult it is not to let my tears fall while I’m sitting here reading this? Ok…. I let some fall.

    Being a mom is so stretching. So tough. Being a teenager is tough and man, Lucy has had a road that has been rocky and so difficult to traverse.

    My tears are because I feel that momma weight – just wanting things to lighten up a bit. To work out and look back on the growth and the lessons learned. But also because of the beauty and goodness of God. In Him knowing that right about now (and for the rest of her life) she’ll need and be so grateful for those holy words and direction to guide her. What a gift from Him straight to her. ❤️ He really is in the details.

    1. Now you’re making ME cry too. Thank you so much for virtually joining us in the trenches and for your kind words. So appreciated today.

      1. So many prayers for you and Lucy! Traversing those growing up years is a challenge and you’re both doing such a beautiful job of it. Keep going. You’ll look back and see so much goodness and beauty springing out of the struggle. She’s a light and a gift and she’ll continue to be… I look forward to reading about her progress!

        Out of curiosity, I’m wondering… I have now heard of three people receiving their blessings very recently. The reason I bring it up – two of them had different lineage than what was anticipated (different from their parents). The only other time I’ve even heard of that was a cousin of mine and it was 20 years ago. I’m curious if there is a shift in the youth today being more of a representation of the 12.

        1. Interesting, I haven’t come across differences in lineage but that’s an interesting thought.
          Thank you for the cheering for Lu.

  2. Oh Shawni…. You had me at praying for one another. Of course. Your words lift me so often. I never rightly Thank You for the lift you provide me and others but your sharing and your words have certainly helped me….. all the way to MI. It is an honor to pray for each other. My Journal will include this most precious daughter of yours… Lucy. Be well.

    1. Thank you Cindy! I agree it’s an honor to pray for others, opens our hearts and lets others in. Saying a little prayer for you and your family right now. I so appreciate that power being extended to Lucy too!

  3. It is really hard to keep the tears from falling as I can relate so much as a mom to an young adult son who lives with a chronic medical condition and his brothers have all left to seek their adventures in the world on the other side of the country. This has prompted me to sit down with him to read his blessing together to seek direction. Thank you so much and may the Lord guide Lucy as she finds her way in the world.

    1. Oh Shelly that is so hard. This type of motherhood feels like it can wrench your heart right out sometimes. I love that you got to sit and read that blessing together. Sending so much love to you and your son.

  4. I have been a follower for years and I am inspired by your faith. Can you elaborate on the power of prayer? I do pray and i am thankful for my many blessings, but I don’t feel the powerfulness others allude to.

    How do you justify when you feel your prayers go unheard? I know we grow from the struggles, and they are part of the process but there are some things that just don’t make sense – War like what Ukraine is dealing with at the moment, or babies born with drug addiction, or children in abusive families, and so many mental health struggles lately in both children and adults.

    Being a teenager is tough. I will pray for Lucy … sending love and light to both of you. xx

    1. This is such a good question, one we have been discussing over here all week. We were watching a movie about some missionaries who were kidnapped and Claire came in after it started. When we explained what was going on, she asked a similar question as you did. Why would God let that happen? Same with a friend Dave and I were spending time with this past week who has gone through a horrible divorce. He has left God (doesn’t believe in Him any more) because “what God would let that happen?” I think sometimes these things are so difficult to grapple with because we believe in a healing God who answers prayers, right? But I think God lets those awful things happen because that’s what this life is all about. We fall. We learn. We sorrow, we cling. Our hearts are broken, we learn to let God mend them when we reach Up. The times when I have been in the deepest sorrow in my life is when I have had to cling to God like never before. I believe it’s all a learning process. I’m trying to find this story about how sometimes, when these beautiful china bowls are broken, there is this process that mends them and makes them even stronger. Not sure if that makes sense, but I believe we have the potential to become so much stronger when we go “through.” If that makes sense. And I know you already believe that too, but I believe it extends, yes, even to what is happening in Ukraine and abuse and deep, dark addictions.

      As to your question about the power of prayer, I believe there is power in praying for each other because it opens our hearts to each other, it aligns our will with God’s and when we pray, deeply, for those we love and those we are worried about, I feel like it somehow intertwines us together and helps me think of things I can do for those people I’m praying for.

      I’m not sure if you will ever find this since it’s taken a while for me to come back here, and I don’t know if my morning ramblings will make sense, but just wanted to send out love right back to you, thank you for your kindness.

  5. It’s great that Lucy has had her Patriarchal Blessing. It truly is a blessing & I know that it will help her in her life.

    With mine, I’ve underlined the things I’m supposed to do in red & the blessings in yellow. This has helped me understand it so much better. I’ve also had it laminated to protect it from water damage etc.

    I’m so sorry that Lucy is going through such a hard time. It must be so hard for all of her.

    I will remember Lucy in my prayers.x

    1. I love that. We printed up Lucy’s in very large font and I hope she will take the time to mark hers up as well.

  6. I hope the blessing helps Lucy! I have read your blog for a long time and often been inspired from reading how strong Lucy is in the face of adversity. I hope she can feel all of our prayers building on that strength that she has given us.

  7. Luckily looks very pretty in that dress! The colours suit her.

    (Said by a almost 40 year old woman, so hopefully not creepy because of complimenting a young girl online)

  8. All the way from South Africa, i have been following your blog for over 10 years.

    Love it


  9. I couldn’t even finish reading before I had to stop and pray for sweet Lucy and you! My oldest and Lucy are a few days apart and navigating the teen years and all that comes with it is hard so I can’t even imagine doing it while losing your vision. What an amazing and beautiful thing to receive a such a blessing. Praying God’s love wraps itself around that sweet, amazing girl of yours! 💗

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