A couple weeks ago, in honor or my Mother’s birthday and Earth Day we took a walk.  It was perhaps one of the last Sundays we could take a walk without sweltering to death here in the spring desert.  
Gone seem to be the days when we would take Sunday walks almost every week.  Two o’clock church throws a hanger in that plan, and also big kids tend to roll their eyes more at the “Sunday walk” idea than the younger ones do.  Which made me appreciate this day even more.
I’m just going to share some pictures.
And along with the pictures let’s also just go off topic for a quick second to praise the fact that we have a dog.  A nice one who will let the kids carry her and love her up in ways that must really annoy her sometimes 🙂 

She’s pretty patient. 

I also love that we have an Uncle (brother) who these girls adore and who is always game to help us with anything we need.  Love him so much.

Let’s take note of Lucy’s haircut up above.  
Come on, it looks pretty good right?  I know there were some worries about her after I talked about her “trim” back HERE, but that’s sometimes the trouble with a blog because sometimes it’s hard to properly tell all the different parts of the whole story.  Rest assured that she was quite happy with it right after her outburst.  Lucy is every bit pre-teenager roller coaster right now…and I have the sneaking impression that journey is going to be quite a ride with her.
But look at all these girls Dave and I get to live with:

Drama and all the golden-ness of it all mixed together, we are some lucky folks.


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