Every year at least part of our huge group heads over from our side of the lake to the other side to see the “Bandito” plays that are performed at the Pickleville Playhouse.

I talked about how much we love Juanito Bandito back HERE (and also lots of other places I can’t find right now).  You just have to see it to understand why:)  I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a play at a place called “Pickleville Playhouse” right??  And Bandito is quite a character I tell you.

I personally haven’t been for a few years (although my mom takes “Grammie Camp” and other smaller groups from here go see the new renditions every year) so my sisters and I decided it would be a great year to take our girls on over along with my friend who came to visit.

The girls were SO excited.  They made mustaches for the occasion and practiced their Bandito accents on the way over.

We got in and got all settled in our seats, the lights dimmed, and they announced, in a super pizzazzy voice, “Welcome to the Pickelville Playhouse production of….HAIRSPRAY!!”

My sister whipped her head back to me in surprise (I had been the one who bought the tickets), and I brushed it off and told her I was sure they were kidding.  Haha.

But sure enough, the 60’s lighting flared up and the musical “Hairspray” kicked in.

Oh boy, I about died.  All those kids we had in tow (and us adults too) had been so excited to see the latest rendition of Bandito.  My little eight-year-old niece had even paid for her own ticket with her own hard-earned cash she was so dang excited.

The pretty awesome manager-lady-in-charge was so very kind (especially after I was a little crazed explaining the problem) and told us she’d fit us in to Bandito later in the week if we wanted to come back, and that we were welcome to stay to see Hairspray since there was such a mix-up.  How’s that for great customer service?

So we ended up being amazed at what a great production of Hairspray unfolded.  Seriously, the singing and dancing were all pretty fabulous.  The girls loved it (don’t let Elsie’s face fool you, she loved it:)
And we headed back on a hot afternoon a couple days later so we could see the real-deal Bandito.

Which sure didn’t disappoint those cute girls up there.

Bottom line is: go see either of those plays if you’re ever in the Bear Lake area.

…or anything really at Pickleville Playhouse for that matter, because they know how to do things right.


    1. Don't be so quick to be offended! Bandito, in this case, is a character. They were imitating a character in a play. No offense intended. They are just a group of girls excited to see a play. Relax and breathe!!

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