My parents have been traveling and traveling.  Their last trip was to Central America.  (see more about that on their blog HERE)
I missed them more than ever for some reason this time around.  
Maybe because I was having some parenting struggles I wanted to talk to them about.
Or maybe it was because they’re just plain good and I love them.
So it was great to have a great face-to-face talk on Face Time when they got home.  
When we were done, Lucy drew them up a little piece of artwork.  

The next day when Claire and I got home from gymnastics I found those parents of mine sitting at my kitchen table.

My eyes were as big as saucers I was so surprised!

They had a layover here in the desert en route to NYC and their flight got cancelled because of the snow storm.


(Even though I do feel bad for my NYC brothers and their families who missed them…)

They decided they just had to sleep over at the new house.  (“They” means “my dad” in this instance.)

Does that look comfy or what?

My mom was here to take Lu to her first soccer practice of the season, which, of course, Lu was pleased as punch about.

My Dad told stories galore and had Lu illustrate them.

My Dad took a bike ride on Claire’s bike one of the mornings.  This is a text I got from my friend:

He really is awesome.  He doesn’t care one wink what anyone else thinks, he just does his own thing and I love it.

Lucy got both her grandparents to walk her to the bus and wave her off.

It’s the little things that are sometimes the big things.

They were here for volleyball and tennis tryouts for Max and Elle, and for a big thing at the high school where Elle had to be on stage (more later on that).

My mom helped me get my lighting ordered for the new house (finally!) and put up with a little bit of fabric searching on the side.  Oh boy am I grateful.

I sure wish we lived closer,  but being away sure makes me not take their awesomeness for granted.

So grateful for such deliberate parents.

How I hope to emulate some of what they are some day.

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  1. Your dad looks like a blast. I am always amazed at how much you love your parents and are so vocal about it! You really and honestly don't see that a lot! Another reason why I think you're pretty darn cool.

  2. It is wonderful to me how much you adore your parents. They seem so sweet. You quote them often and seem to want to mimic everything they did with you as a child. However, I know they can't have been perfect. They are wise, but I'm sure they have parenting regrets of some sort, or that you have some things you would have wanted different. Would you be willing to share some of those things? I'd love to read about the ways they and you have dealt with differences in parenting techniques, etc., especially since they are people who seem so perfect. I would love to hear some of the differences between you and your parents to help me more fully appreciate your relationship for what it really seems to be–so good.

  3. pretty sure you are following very well in their footsteps! It's so fun for me to see them in action on your blog and your sisters blogs. they really do practice what they preach and it's so awesome to see that

  4. Shawni, I'd say from reading your blog that you are certainly living up to the example your parents set. You seem so kind, and giving and "in the moment." I love your blog and I'm inspired by all you do and by your wonderful family. Thanks!

  5. Oh, I love this post! Your parents are so awesome! And, I love how they are still teaching you so much about your own motherhood journey. Love the text message part too 🙂

  6. You (and your kids) are SO lucky to have such awesome examples.
    Don't have it here – but we are gonna be it! 🙂
    Thanks for your awesome examples.

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