Tomorrow is the big day.

I was talking to two of Claire’s volleyball teammates yesterday who were telling me all about their ideas for their Valentines, and it made me realize I have not taken my preparation for this day very seriously, I need to get busy!  Not just for my Valentine, my #1, but for love in general.  Isn’t it awesome to feel love? 
In the “olden days” I went so far as to send out Valentine’s cards like this each year in the mail:
Valentine s card2
I totally think we need to reenact that one some day 🙂
But for reals, (since my kids would never do that nowadays…and is nowadays really a word?  No spell check so maybe, or maybe I made up a new one…), I just thought I’d share this idea from Brooke Romney.  Does anyone follow her Instagram?  If not, check out BrookeRomneyWrites.  She’s filled with all kinds of good ideas…I particularly like her “teen talk Tuesday” ideas…lots of good conversation starters to talk about good things with kids.
Anyway, I’m not so hot at Instagram these days, but I’m glad I checked it this week because she had this idea: a Valentine’s Quiz for kids.  (I found a blog post with more information HERE) And someone with kids who had moved away had the extra idea to send out this quiz to kids who have left the nest and offer a small cash reward to anyone who gets back to them with all the answers correct by Valentine’s Day.
Screen Shot 2019 02 13 at 10 23 20 AM
I think it’s so important for kids to know our love story.  The story that brought us together.  The story that brought THEM here.

SO i’m sending this out to all my kids (plus adding a few extra questions) and we’ll see who “wins.”
We have lots of Valentine’s traditions…the pink pancakes, the kitchen heart attack, heart-attacking someone who may be a little lonely, the kitchen table filled with love in the morning, all that jazz.  But there are so many great ideas out there…send some along if you have great ones!  

And now I’m off to get all those ideas set into action.  There’s something about finding ways to show love to those around you (doesn’t have to be a spouse or your own children…so many people to love in the world!) that is a beautiful thing.  


  1. Honestly, I don't really get the quiz. Why should kids know three things about their parents' first kiss? Aunt why is it even that important that you would bribe kids with money so that they answer?

    It's very interesting to see the cultural differences between the US and Germany. Valentine's Day in Germany is for lovers. You don't especially express your love for family or friends. Though I was given chocolate for lunch today at the office.

    And please reenact the picture! Maybe bribe them with money. 😉

  2. Thank you for this!

    I just spied your kids in the church news video from President Nelson's devotional. My brother Jeff Taylor headed up all the media filming of the event and it was neat to see your family in it! He also did a special video presentation of the Jarvis family which I can't wait to see. James is part owner of the construction company my husband works for and we have come to love him! Thank you for all you do and for your amazing family which is a great example to me. 🙂

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