Max & Abby came down to visit on a key weekend…

A tournament for Claire (where her team won their division…WooHoo!)

To surprise this girl for her fifteenth birthday:

(all that birthday Jazz is back HERE)

To help us bask in the beauty of the weather FINALLY cooling down:

we could even eat OUTSIDE on a patio for crying out loud, these are the good times in the desert!

To visit with “their” dog:

And to listen to Conference together.

So grateful they live so close, and for any time we get together with them.

And so grateful for all the words of the leaders of our church, that I still need to listen to over and over again because boy howdy, there was a lot of goodness shared!

You can listen too, if you’d like, they are all listed HERE. Two of my favorites (among many): Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about Daily Restoration (how I need to remember that in my life!), and Camille Johnson’s “Invite Christ to Author Your Story” (helped calm my troubled heart with Grace’s permanent reassignment just when I needed it).

Happy Monday!

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