My parents came to visit a month ago.
When they come here in the winter they are of course excited to see us, I mean, they are my parents and all.  But I think deep under all that lovey dovey stuff they sure like to see the sun right along with seeing us.  And on this trip that darn sun sure didn’t seem to want to show it’s face.
It rained the whole three days.
Like non-stop.
So what did we do?  Played tennis anyway.

We didn’t let a few super soggy balls get in the way of our plans of hitting the court.

Claire and Grandfather played together.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that was a chest pump up there.

Then my Dad and I teamed up to play against Elle and Dave.

Yeah, we weren’t kidding about playing soggy-ball tennis.  We were out there for a while.  And those two beat us like nobody’s business.

Next time I think my Dad better keep Claire as his partner 🙂

What else do you do when it’s gray and rainy?  Go to Top Golf.

This place just opened near us and the kids think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Loved having Family Home Evening with them before they had to take off to the airport, and had to snap some pictures first.  I wish I had pictures like these when I was little with my Grandma.
With all my heart I wish. 

Sure I wish I had pictures with my Grandpa too and I usually get those when my Dad is in town too, but this time he was much too busy telling Lu something or other that apparently was of upmost importance:

 Still waiting for those two:

We finally got them out of their deep conversation.

…to join the group.

There we go.

Complete with funny faces too.

(Max and Elle are apparently much too mature for funny faces.)

And there’s one with Lu:

Gotta get their own daugher in there too.

And of course their favorite son-in-law.

Oh boy, I thank my lucky stars every single day for these two.  (And that one on the left too…I get to be married to that guy.  Every once in a while I pinch myself about that little fact.)  So grateful for visits…even in the rain.

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  1. If we didn't have any fun in the rain then I'm pretty sure we'd never leave the house in the Pacific NW! Looks like a fun weekend and I agree about wishing I had so many pics with my grandparents. And I think Max & Elle's faces ARE funny – it's the one I would have given in high school. I hope they just both did it organically without discussion, too funny.

  2. Sounds like a great visit! Time with parents/grandparents is the best.

    So I just finished reading your parents' book The Entitlement Trap, and I was telling my mom about it, and she said, "You remember we had one of their sons in Jerusalem, right?" My dad was a religion professor over there from 1999-2000, and I got to tag along with my parents and live there that year as a 9th grader. 🙂 My mom thinks maybe it was a Ben Eyre, is that right? Anyway, kind of fun to make that connection!

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