I cannot believe my kids will be bounding in the door any minute with huge smiles across their faces DONE with their first semester.  How did that happen so dang quick?!?  Claire and Lucy headed out this morning full of excitement for pajama day and “doughnuts with dad” and the big kids headed out with dread to take those last finals.  But they sure studied their hearts out so I’m thinking they’re in the clear.

As we head into the last weekend before Christmas I just have to add a little idea to the White Elephant gift exchange list in case anyone needs any last-minute ideas.

Because we had a good one last weekend and sometimes you just need to share these things.

When Dave’s turn to pick a gift came along, he grabbed tissue paper off the top of a large gift bag and practically jumped out of his skin because there was something alive in that bag:

The cutest little teddy bear hamster.

He was a little bit mortified which had us all laughing pretty hard.
He has nothing against hamsters…except that we’ve been down that road before twice and it didn’t work too well for us (more about pets over at our house over HERE.)
So we were pet owners for about five minutes until our friends stole it away (they needed a gift for another exchange coming up and it ended up in a very loving home:)
Dave was breathing a big sigh of relief right at about that time!
Oh man there’s so much to document this month!  Tears and joy and love and fights and giving and serving and sleep-deprivation all wrapped up together.  
Bring on Winter Break!

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