Before girls in our church head to Young Women (when they turn twelve), they get to gather a couple times a month on a weekday for “Activity Days.”
They work on all kinds of different ideas to build up their spirits and their hearts…and their talents using the “Faith in God” program (HERE).
So when our ward split a few months ago, they asked if I’d work with the 10-11 year olds to teach their primary class on Sundays…and also to teach their Activity Days group.
I was pretty excited about that, because I have had that same calling before and I know how great it is.  I only got to have it for a little bit because after a couple months I was asked to serve in the stake (I know, we have weird words to describe things, but a stake is a group of “wards” or congregations).  Anyway, I loved that stake calling too, but I sure loved and missed those Activity Days girls!
Oh and I almost forgot that I actually gave myself that Activity Day calling for a few months when we were in China, so we gotta count that too (back HERE ๐Ÿ˜‰
Now I get to do it again…with this group of awesome girls:

Which includes, as you may have noticed, that cute one with the red glasses in the middle ๐Ÿ™‚

Despite a little worry that I’d cut off the treats she got to have in Activity Days (and she was right, but I think she’ll survive), and also that she’d miss her old leaders, Lucy warmed up to that idea pretty speedy quick.

She had ideas for the whole first activity written out on the back of a church program by the end of that church meeting :).  The lady I teach with and I have decided she is our special “assistant.”

For one of our first activities we took the girls to the temple a little before Mother’s Day to take individual shots of them for their moms…and had to get a few group pictures too, of course.

See Shelly?  She’s my partner in this all and I adore her.  I’m so lucky I get to work with and learn from her!

The girls worked hard on writing special notes to their mamas (with at least three specific things they love about them), and decorated picture frames for their pictures:

They all turned out pretty cute.

We also did a spa night to learn how to take good care of our bodies.

We worked on memorizing some Articles of Faith while we painted nails and did stuff to make those cute little faces glow:

But I tell you, those girls don’t need any help with making their faces glow.  They are lights inside and out and I love this age because they’re not afraid to SHINE.
I am so grateful for the programs our church offers to help raise youth.
I have benefitted so greatly from them in my life, and I’m so grateful my kids get to benefit from them so much (and so glad I help in this way with Lucy’s spiritual/emotional/social development).
…which reminds me that there is going to be a pretty cool WORLDWIDE YOUTH DEVOTIONAL this weekend (on Sunday) with our prophet and his wife.  Tune in if you’d like!  More information HERE.
Also, speaking of youth, it is ironic that that day for the youth devotional also happens to be the day my first “youth” will turn twenty-one.  TWENTY-ONE!  I cannot believe that.
Happy weekend!


  1. Ooh I loved that calling too and I loved the photo idea so precious!!
    So there is a buzz here that there might be some changes coming to the โ€˜ forcstrength if youthโ€™ as president Nelson has asked for all youth to bring a hard copy… anyone elseโ€™s area wondering the same ?? Lol

  2. Random question…Did you read a lot of Junie B. Jones to your kids back in the day? Because you sure say "speedy quick" a lot…a phrase used a lot in those books. I'm just curious every time you say that! Also, just FYI, when I try to comment it takes me to a mac cleaner or virus cleaner website…most likely not safe sites. I have to try 10-15 times to get to where I can comment.

    Love your blog!

    1. Yes I loved Junie B ๐Ÿ™‚ And that is weird about the comments, a few others have told me that as well. I will look into it!

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