Lucy finally likes TV. It took us a while to get her there.

I know that sounds funny. I mean, who really wants their kids to like TV?

But we just wished for so long we could at least get her interested in something aside from screaming on family road trips. No amount of cajoling could simmer her down to enjoy being read a book or looking for a dog out the window. Sitting watching a TV screen in the car seemed particularly boring to her. Screaming with a mission to burst our eardrums was much more fun.

Well, Dora finally fixed that.

Now she not only will watch DVDs on road trips, but she is addicted to Dora.

This is Lucy wanting Dora on…waiting for the DVR to load her up: And this…
…is when Dora finally makes her big appearance.

Yep, she’s an addict.

Lucky for me, she’s not quite a big enough addict to warrant Dave wanting to drive with her for endless hours to Utah for Spring Break.

What does this mean for me?

A trip to Utah with her on an airplane while Dave drives the rest of the kids up in the car.

I am spoiled or what? I guess I better remember I will still be with Lucy…and Lu and airplanes don’t mix overly well…there’s no Dora there.

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  1. She is so darn cute! My daughter was addicted to the The Wiggles and Barney.

    Portable DVD player….might be your best investment ever if you don’t already have one. She can then enjoy Dora while waiting at the airport and then again on the plan and then while on Spring Break whenever she might need some downtime Dora can save the day!

  2. Oh gotta love Dora! For sure a portable dvd player will save you on that flight! That is too funny your flying with her while Dave and the rest of the kids drive.
    So worth it though! 🙂 Love those pictures of her!
    Tell your friends to look us up when they come out! I can totally help them with whatever….

  3. Luke didn’t like tv until he was three. I let him watch WAY to much because I’m so happy he actually will! Dora always saves the day! Yes, get that DVD player with personal kiddie headphones.

  4. Now we’re here and I thought I’d report that we do have a portable DVD player but I was carrying so darn much stuff plus maneuvering Lu in a stroller I couldn’t manage the DVD player on top of it all.

    Plus it was a quick flight so I figured I’d be fine. And I was right, except for the poop explosion AFTER the flight, which Dora couldn’t have fixed anyway.

    Next long flight…I’ll definitely be toting along a DVD player and a Dora DVD…AND an extra outfit for this time.

  5. Do you have an I-pod touch or and I-phone? We loaded up looney toones and Deigo for our 3 year old when we were on a 6 hour flight to disneyworld. Worked wonders. He could sit and hold his own little tv in his hands and watch to his hearts content! yum yum yum….delicioso!

  6. I would have killed for my oldest three to watch TV. I needed a little free babysitting, if you know what I mean. But they have never much cared for television and now that they are older I’m thrilled.

    Henry, though, is a couch potato and I am embarrassed by it. I turn it off all day and come in to find him standing in front of the TV holding a remote backwards trying to make it work. So sad…

    And go buy a portable DVD player for the plane. Worth every penny!



  8. Shawni, Can I just tell you that I love you, and your blog! I can so relate to you in your craziness post! You have such a way with words! I am glad your hubby is back in town, that always seems to make things better. I need to get your address so I can send you your little fun home made surprise! So if you would email me your adress that would be great! Thanks, Kelsi

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